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yonseo moderator posted Mar 8, 2020

Comic Prompts (Share your thoughts with Art)

So feel free to share a video, post, artwork talking about these topics below. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experience.

IMPORTANT! : it's not a list of questions you answer in one post. Take one prompt and draw something/make a video and talk/write about it, then share it! 

1) First time reading a comic. What was your experience?

2) Comics vs Manga vs Manhwa vs Other. What are your thoughts on their differences? Do you like one more over another?

3) A story/movie/experience that had an impact in your creative writing/drawing?

4) Digital vs Traditional art. Share your thoughts, experience, likes/dislikes about a medium?

5) School vs Self-Taught artist. Where do you fit it? Why are you a student/self-taught artist? 

6) An idol, role model, figure that inspired you to become an artist or made you want to be as good as them.

(more to add soon...)

Nimloth admin posted Mar 8, 2020

If you're tagged in this post it means you've been challenged to take part in this prompt by yours truly ^.~

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Let the prompts begin!

PAF posted Mar 8, 2020

Interesting,  do we post the image or link to our video directly on here?

Nimloth admin posted Mar 8, 2020

´╗┐Interesting, do we post the image or link to our video directly on here? 
 Feel free to embed images here. I'll see if I can add a "embed youtube" thing sometime soon, but for now linking is also cool!

Georgevegaart posted Mar 8, 2020

OK, cool. Hmm...good questions/prompts. 

DFJames posted Mar 8, 2020

I'm very very old school. My first comic I bought was the very first Star Wars comic. I bought it at a book fair in  77 or 78. I was in maybe 2nd grade? I had already been an aspiring artist. But at the age of 7 or 8 wow. This was new to me because my family was not "creative". So this was a new form of art for me. I was blown away. Now. Heres the kicker. When I got home my mom went NUTS. You know the famous Star Wars image with Leia in the white dress. Cleavage showing. She took it away from.  Fast forward. I was 32. Went to a comic book shop with my wife. Hanging on the wall behind the register framed copy of my comic. The sticker price ... $3,200. I called my mom and said guess what? She just laughed. 

PAF posted Mar 10, 2020

Hey Chris, how do I embed a picture? The "insert image" icon is asking for a URL.

Nimloth admin posted Mar 10, 2020

Yeah you’ll need to upload the image on a free host such as imgur for the time being. At some point I’ll have user/forum images tho I swear ;)

smbhax posted Mar 10, 2020

School is useful, but it can't teach you your own individual style--you'll have to learn that on your own. School teaches you other peoples' styles--but it's useful to know those, to see possibilities.

PAF posted Mar 10, 2020

Here goes, my cartoon for prompt #6, inspiration.

MK-Wizard posted Mar 11, 2020

1- To be honest, I can't remember when I started reading comics. I just always remember loving them and cartoons.

2- Different reading styles takes some adjusting, but honestly, I am not really concerned with the "nationality" of a comic. Though I admit seeing the contrast in cultural views and values is interesting and I do find anime style beautiful when done right. My main concern is if the story I am reading is compelling and interesting.

3- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein changed the way I saw writers and monsters in fiction. I mean, women have always been type casted for writing romantic and steamy girly stuff, but the writer who shaped horror science fiction and intelligent monsters as we know them was in fact a woman. That book gave me the courage the write how I wanted to and be taken seriously while still being a woman. As for the story itself, it showed me that there are no rules in fiction. If you want your monster to be smart and be a character first or do anything your way, do it. To heck with following an imaginary mold.

4- I love both, but I admit that I find a combination of the two works best for me specifically like this: I prefer sketching and inking by hand because I have more control and I just love that part of traditional art. It's part of my style. However, colouring, shading and textures are best digitally for me because I have all the tools at my disposal and more. Plus, if I make a mistake, I can fix it easily.

5- I am self-taught because of my life decisions. I always wanted to be a comic creator, but I was convinced I wouldn't get anywhere with it so I kept it on the side for many years by following another academic study instead. One day, I realised my attitude towards career and life was all wrong. It's not about being the next big dog. It's about being happy with what you do and are you actually doing something with it. Being able to bring art into the world (even as comics) is a precious gift that should be practiced not hidden. However, I don't regret my life choices because they made me what I am today.

6- As said before, Mary Shelley as well as people like Stan Lee, Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson. People doing their thing the way THEY want to not the way people expect them to.

Cavechan posted Mar 12, 2020

Unfortunately, I don't have time to draw out a response but I don't mind answering in list form like MK-Wizard! ^^;

1. My first comics were probably the newspaper comics. I loved reading those as a kid. Don't do so anymore since I don't get a newspaper anymore. My first manga was probably Sailor Moon. I loved that comic!

2. I'm all about the manga. I don't really read any Western comics. Nothing against them at all, just don't find them as easy to get into. There have been a very few I have read though.

3. The biggest impact for me happened a few months ago when I went to Anime NYC and saw a live drawing by an artist I hugely admire, Boichi. He draws incredibly fast and incredibly detailed. It inspired me to draw better for sure. I was also extremely lucky to win an autograph from him (and the writer Inagaki) AND also a sketch that was by him!


4. I am all about the traditional art, but it is very difficult. I decided with my new comics to get digital and it was able to improve my art by a lot and very relatively quickly too. I still think the line quality of traditional is better than digital though. I haven't been able to replicate it...

5. I am mostly taught from school but I didn't go to school for comics, but graphic design. Regardless, learning graphic design helped me to improve my comic skills without a doubt. I even did my senior thesis on the connections between graphic design and comics. For making comics, I have followed tutorials and have been studying various artists and their techniques.

6. So so many to name but one of my biggest inspirations growing up was Fujisaki Ryu. The style of his art blew me away and really resonated with me. Tanemura Arina was another artist who also inspired me a lot as well as Kaori Yuuki. You can probably tell influences from them in my own style, especially with the big eyes with long eyelashes. I JUST LOVE DRAWING EYELASHES! ^^;