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Christopher admin supporter posted May 28, 2017

Welcome to the Official GlobalComix Helpdesk

Welcome to the official help-desk forum for GlobalComix.

If you have any questions regarding GlobalComix, Comics Publishing, how to use our service, or even just wondering about how digital comics work, this is the place to ask your questions. Between GlobalComix staff and the wider community we're sure to be able to help and provide answers!

That said, if you have some spare time and see questions that you can help answer, please do feel free to chime in :)

Christopher admin supporter posted Oct 22, 2019

@PAF what are the names you're trying to get so I can look into it? What's the error you get when creating your page?

Christopher admin supporter posted Oct 23, 2019

@PAF thanks for the report, my apologies for that. There was a temporary error that was preventing this form to submit completely, I've released a fix for it and deployed the fix live.

Please let me know if you still have any issues.

Christopher admin supporter posted Oct 24, 2019

The general rule of thumb is that graphic language that makes sense for the intended audience and would be fine in a movie theater is no problem. 

We have the intended audiences flags on each comic, and an explicit “not safe for work” flag per release that actually blurs our pages until the reader accepts viewership separately.

does that help?

davidofamerica posted Mar 4, 2022

Payment processed 3 times because account was not activated; can the 2 duplicates be cancelled please?

Christopher admin supporter posted Mar 4, 2022


I've refunded the duplicates - you should be all set. I'll also be looking into how the duplicates happened - thanks for reporting.

davidofamerica posted Mar 4, 2022

Much appreciated!

MattSchofield posted Mar 16, 2022

Hi! I uploaded the first two issues of my comic as separate releases without a problem! My question is, as I currently work on my third issue is it possible to upload each page as it's ready and still have all the pages for this issue be part of a single release named Issue Three? Or would doing it that way cause each page to become a separate release? I basically want to have the Issue Three be a dedicated volume into which I can upload each new page as it's done, but still have it look like a single issue/release on the Steamroller Man homepage. I hope you understand what I mean and look forward to any light you can shed on this!

Christopher admin supporter posted Mar 16, 2022

@MattSchofield hi there!

First off - love your comic!

Secondly, there's a few answers.

First is that you can upload new pages to releases at any time, however, the "published/updated time" of the release is only updated and set the first time you publish pages, and there's only one set of alerts/notifications that go out for a release.

Second is that you could upload pages to separate releases, which would as you presume have them sit in different buckets. However, in the near future we'll be making a "merge release" tool in prep for our upcoming launch of being able to sell releases as downloadable PDFs, which would let you combine all the split pages into a single release when ready.

I'm also considering if we should add functionality to publish pages with alerts multiple times for each release, but this adds a whole bunch of complexity to the publishing process, so I'm hesitant for doing this lift unless this turns out to be a significant need from people.

My recommendation would be either 1 or 2, depending on how many pages you're going to be releasing at a time. For example, if you are doing it in two batches, then 1 would be better. If you're doing say 2 and 2 pages (I recommend pairs over singles so you get a proper spread-reading mode support), then I'd say go with option two, and merge later when we release that tool.

Hope this helps :)

scottiedraws posted Apr 11, 2022

It -may- be staring me in the face, but I'm not seeing it. Do you have a tutorial on how to use the globalcomix interface? This setup is unlike anything else, so I'm a little lost to the full extent of what my abilities are in here. I get the sense what your offering here is much more comprehensive than a webtoon/tapas setup, so I'm trying to grasp it.

If someone is rummaging around in our content and wants to share it on social, where are the share on social buttons?

My final query is more a clarification. If we are posting an ongoing serial comic, clearly posting a new issue each time a page is ready, is the way to go? It sounds like your looking at the option of offering a way to combine single issue pages into a single release with a merge tool?

Edit: I found my answers in the FAQ section. To size  and what not, so I'm good there!

Do I need to to do the interactive panel? If you hold your mobile device in landscape mode, which should be how things are read anyways, my panels already fit perfectly and can be scrolled. Can I skip the interactive mode altogether?

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Apr 12, 2022

@scottiedraws You definitely can skip the interactive mode if you prefer! Just keep in mind it will keep your panel reads in your analytics to zero since you won't have any frames added over your panels.

The reader chooses if they wish to scroll through pages vertically or want to tap each page to proceed. If you don't have the interactive mode set up, it will default to the tap-to-advance mode or whatever mode the reader has set up. It will be automatic and you don't have to do anything.

As far as how often you update, that's entirely up to you. Personally, I wouldn't recommend posting more pages than you can make a week. This way you can maintain a buffer period if you need one.

That said, a lot of creators prefer to post entire chapters or chunks of chapters at once. If you would like to wait until you have a satisfying amount to post, you totally can. Whatever you decide to do, try to maintain a consistent and predictable schedule. It allows readers to be able to predict you better and get excited for the next release.

If you want to post smaller chunks, say one page per release as you suggested, you certainly can consider doing so, then merging all pages for that chapter later on. A merge cannot be undone once it is completed however, so be careful when proceeding with those! We added that feature to help creatures who want to post more often, but work slower, and to assist in PDF downloads later once we fully release that feature for all. This way you can combine pages for a release to be downloaded.

Generally, updating more often us better for the "updated" page and can help with popularity within the last week or 30days if you update more often during that period. So. On a surface level, yes, you should update more often to take advantage of that. But don't feel obligated to do so if it will provide unneeded stress to have to post more often if you aren't able. Do whatever is managable long term for you for now, and upgrade your pace in the future if you are able.

I hope this helps!

EtherealComics posted May 12, 2022

This may sound silly but how do you enable pdf's? Currently it says our are not enabled.

Any help is appreciated.

Christopher admin supporter posted May 12, 2022

@EtherealComics the feature to sell publicly is not yet turned on. We're letting creators/pubs set prices ahead of time so there's a nice library available when we do turn it on.

Stay tuned for more details there!

EtherealComics posted May 12, 2022

Right on, thanks

hstrauss posted Sep 8, 2022

Hi Christopher:
Is it possible to upload a comic that was created in a horizontal format? I have another completed JOE PLANT comic, but it does not fit well in vertical. Any suggestions? Thanks

cantrell posted Sep 8, 2022

@hstrauss How wide are the pages?  As in, are they similar to a newspaper style comic with 4-5 panels across?

hstrauss posted Sep 8, 2022

No. It is in a children 's book format.

cantrell posted Sep 8, 2022

@hstrauss All I can say (not knowing the exactly layout of your art) is that if it's something that is still in a book format but oriented horizontally, you still should be able to upload it and have it be readable as long as it's in pages.

I've been testing the site with an old newspaper strip of mine that is kind of like that.

Now if you're talking something more like infinite canvas (where the art is one long single piece) I'm not sure how well it'll translate online for readers of GC. Hopefully one of the admins have some advice.

hstrauss posted Sep 8, 2022

It's in a 9"X12" horizontal format within a 1/2" border

pkscomix posted Oct 2, 2022

I'm new here and just had a question. Is it possible to change 1 page of your book after it has been published? Or do you have to unpublish the book and republish with the corrected page? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul

cantrell posted Oct 2, 2022

@pkscomix You shouldn't have to unpublish. Just click the gear on the page you want to swap, select the image asset tab and you should be able to upload the replacement image.

pkscomix posted Oct 2, 2022

It worked! Thanks so much for helping a newbie here. I believe I'm really going to like it here. Thanks again.

GrifflyCreations posted Nov 12, 2022

I checked the FAQs and didn't see anything about image dimensions for uploading. Does it not matter, then? So, like, if it's a webcomic format, I can leave it at the 800px wide that Naver requires, or I could change it 1600px?

Christopher admin supporter posted Nov 12, 2022

@GrifflyCreations: the higher resolution the better! We auto size for you 🙇

GrifflyCreations posted Nov 12, 2022

@Christopher oh okay, thank you! Also, how does the Interactive Reading function on the reader side? Like, if they're on mobile, do they tap their screen for the next panel? Is it the arrow key on desktop? Can it be applied to the webcomic format?

katiedarling posted Nov 25, 2022

Trying to catch this great 39.99 annual deal but maybe I pressed some wrong buttons? My account says I'm a monthly subscriber? And my credit card was charged 39.99 AND 89.99. please help