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Nimloth admin posted Oct 9, 2019

GC Release Notes - 2019-10-09

Hello everyone,

Today we're happy to announce the first set of big changes to GC since we launched. The majority of these are feature requests by the community, so thank you everyone for being super helpful and providing feedback in Discord.

Here's the list of changes:

* Breadcrumb and tab navigation for creators and comics has been improved significantly
* Improvements have been made to add loading state indicators to most forms across the website
* Comics displayed on logged out homepage is now based on recent activity
* Added "Creators" section with filters to top-level nav

Creators / Publishers
* Added filterable Reader Analytics tools with acquisition channel information context
* Added ability to manage comic content & licensing in multiple languages and geo-regions
* Added ability to schedule releases to auto-publish on a specific date and time + timezone
* Added default timezone setting for creators & publishers
* Added Gift Codes Tool for publishers which enables them to give away claimable access codes to their content in return for list building of users who claim codes

* Added "Read Tracker" tool in navigation that helps you keep track of your reading history and progress in chapters


Let us know if you find any issues or bugs, and as always, submit your bug reports in the bug reporting forum.