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Creator Wednesday: 12 New and Trending Creators

Kevin Community • May 11, 2022

Welcome to the second issue of GlobalComix Creator Wednesday, where we curate suggestions for creators to follow. This week we saw a surge in new creators joining GlobalComix, so we wanted to give them a formal welcome. You can explore the list of creators, sorted by join date, here.

For today's article we have a mix of new creators, those rising in popularity, and those that have been invaluable members of the creator community for some time now.

Let's get started - we have a lot of names to cover this week!

Hexapus Ink

We can't have a trending list of creators to follow without mentioning the creative duo at Hexapus Ink. Their post-apocalyptic title BounD blends multiple genres into a chilling -- and thrilling -- look at a world ravaged by demons.

It was also 2021's most popular title across all of GlobalComix. How does this all shape up for Natalia Kane? Give Hexapus Ink a follow so you can be among the first to hear about new uploads.

Escremii Verse

Speaking of vaulting to the top in popularity and trending, Escremii Verse joined GlobalComix earlier this year in February. Their title Boy of Escremii has rocketed to the top to become the most popular series on GlobalComix over the past year, and only 3 titles have more views.

Fans clearly love the awesome content Escremii Verse is creating, so make sure you're following to stay updated on new releases.


Maintaining a consistent release schedule so readers know when to expect new content is important, and DragonPhoReal has done a great job publishing new chapters of their series FireHeart.

With two chapters now complete, FireHeart remains one of the most-viewed fantasy titles over the past year. Follow DragonPhoReal so you don't miss new chapters.

Art Amazon

Art Amazon joined the community about a year ago and has released 8 chapters of her sci-fi comedy, Space Bitch, all while maintaining a work schedule in the video game industry.

She has also been a positive force in the GlobalComix Discord server, always happy to give fellow creators feedback to help them improve their work.

Make sure you're following Art Amazon to be one of the first to read her next release.

Scott Kysh

Scott Kysh joined GlobalComix in December of 2020 with his action comic Wrath, which follows a young man that discovers he has the ability to manifest his childhood trauma into a physical form.

Wrath has three releases so far, and a successful Kickstarter campaign to print the book. There's surely more to come from Scott, so make sure you're following him. You don't want to miss what's next from the creator of one of 2021's most popular action titles.


Bilv has been a longtime member of the GlobalComix creator community, joining nearly 4 years ago. He has produced multiple popular titles, including Preheat and Rechargeable.

Bilv's series have been some of the most-read on GlobalComix, as well as ranking high in popularity across multiple genres and themes. Follow Bilv so you don't miss his next GlobalComix hit.

Sterki Herz

Sterki Herz is a new member of our creator community, joining a few days ago. Their webcomic Miraclewish already has 7 releases, and we're excited to see where the story goes from here.

They've put together a humorous blend of horror, fantasy, action, and romance. You won't want to miss what they're working on next. Follow Sterki Herz to stay on top of all new releases.


Charms is also new to GlobalComix, and together with his wife created the adventure series Charms. We instantly fell in love with the art style, and we're sure you will too.

We see big things ahead for Charms, both the title and the creator. He and his wife have clearly put a lot of love into the creation of their story. Follow Charms so you get notified when each of the planned 3 remaining releases come out.

Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan is very new to GlobalComix, joining today, but has clearly put a lot of work into his series GODDOG. It follows three deadbeat friends in their mid 20s who are bestowed with religious truth.

One thing is for sure -- the truth is that you should make sure you're following Jonathan Schwartz to keep tabs on his next releases.

Cayen comics

Another new member of the community, Cayen comics recently published their first title on GlobalComix, called Armageddon DivinityHumanity is on the verge of being wiped out by demons, and only a handful of magical girls can stop it.

Give Cayen comics a follow so you know when the next chapter of Armageddon Divinity comes out.

Natasha Nightmare

With two titles already released on GlobalComix, Natasha Nightmare is off to a great start after joining just two days ago. Their title Longest Night is full of lovecraftian inspiration and a lot of horror. On the other hand, HOME UNCHAINED is a trip into a cyberpunk adventure with people scientifically known as “variants”.

If Natasha Nightmare's first two titles are any indication, you'll want to follow them to see what the future has in store.

Batichi's Books

A part-time cartoonist, Batichi's Books -- also known as K. Kiomall-Evans -- has been publishing webcomics since 2016. Arriving on GlobalComix at the beginning of the year, she has now published 3 chapters of her title XII: Of Magic and Muses.

On top of all that, you can also find Batichi on our Discord server, where she has been a positive member of the community. Give XII: Of Magic and Muses a read, and then follow Batichi's Books so you get notified when chapter 4 releases.


That's it for this week's list. Give all of these awesome creators a follow, and stay tuned until next week.


BounD 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the shout out!


Kevin admin 2 weeks ago

@BounD You're welcome!