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Comic - Sci-Fi

In the year 2055, Detroit is a nightmarish city plagued by violence and fueled by corruption. Aiden McCormick tries to solve a series of brutal murders that must remain hidden from the citizens of Detroit. But Aiden has secrets of his own. He suffers from schizophrenia and if anyone were to find out; he would be forced to give up more than just his badge and gun.

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Yes! Keep it coming ya'll!!! Love all of this awesome indie work. 

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Agreed. @bob-artist seems to, as we say, know what they're doing. :) And we're honored to have their work up here, as well!
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@tkeh Bob is really quite talented! Had you seen it before this feature?
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Illustrator currently based in the Netherlands. For my original art and other stuff, check out my Gumroad store:

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Some guy from California.

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re: How are you promoting your comics through GlobalComix?

Hey there and welcome to GC! This is a great question, and something I work on every day.

First things first - as we're on a browser, you can easily link any of the titles you're trying to promote directly into your existing newsletter and social channels. At GC we've been featuring comics each week, and then sharing out through the channels I...

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Australian LGBT writer and artist.

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Printer by Day - Mangaka by Night I LOVE manga! Thank you so much for checking out my profile! Message me if you have any questions about myself or my work!

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I'm a multi-cellular eukaryote making a thing about the Coronavirus. 'Cause why not.