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EricTapper favorited G for GOD 1 day ago
G for GOD

Graphic Novel - Thriller

GAY-MAN #3 - a story about a superhero who fights against a dictator and his regime. In the third chapter, the hero discovers his past (read all the chapters on the patreon)

Paintings & Photographs (A.I. Generated Webcomic)

WebComic - History

A painter in the 1800s is confronted with her potential demise as a new technology comes over the horizon... the camera. This manga-style webcomic is almost completely illustrated using A.I. image generation.

EricTapper favorited BaDoom 1 week ago

Comic - Adventure

A woman (Gasolina) and her dog (Krunk) travel through an ecologically hazardous post apocalyptic America.

EricTapper favorited Fangs & Foul Play 2 weeks ago
Fangs & Foul Play

Comic - Horror

Richard Bluth, a deserted colonel who left due to his conscience, stumbles upon an abandoned house, finding himself a new town, Bludville. Weary and tired after his long escape, he doesn’t realize he’s about to trade one evil master for another when Fang, a vampiric cat, enthralls him and forces Richard to find him victims. Follow Richard’s plight as he tries to escape Fang’s thrall.

EricTapper favorited Panopticon City 2 weeks ago
Panopticon City

Comic - Sci-Fi

The City is one of the last safe havens in a world ravaged by climate catastrophes. Inez and Jean Baptiste embark on a rebellion that will change the future of the fragile system.

EricTapper favorited Facing the Sun 3 weeks ago
Facing the Sun

WebComic - Sci-Fi

Fear. Grief. Trauma. Guilt. Love, all seen through the eyes of a dysfunctional android prototype well past her estimated lifespan.

Once Upon A Time In Xanatopia

Comic - Fantasy

PALADIN 55187, Nora Victorious, finds herself tethered to the machinations and fates of the gods. Will she kill god? Will she bring about the extinction of all living things? Or will she just get a cup of coffee and play some skee-ball?

EricTapper favorited Terry Vs. The World 3 weeks ago
Terry Vs. The World

Graphic Novel - Action

The year is 2030, in New York City. Terry Rodriguez, a 17-year-old teenager, whose life had changed since he was traumatized from the death of his parents at the age of 11. Now after 6 years later, he and his closest friends get along together. Join his adventures to find the key of that 'treasure' that has the power to change the world. RATED T FOR TEENS 13+ AND SOME CHAPTERS WILL BE 18+. UPDATES WILL BE EVERY MONTH.

EricTapper favorited The Varlet Mage 3 weeks ago
The Varlet Mage

WebComic - Fantasy

Erez, after losing loved ones, spirals out of control and unleashes his wrath upon the kingdom's countryside. At the end of his vengeful crusade, he kills the King and is forever to be hunted for his crimes. Or so he thought. In secret, the once prince, now current ruler, wishes to strike a bargain. Erez and other mage folks will no longer be outcasts or hunted, but he must serve as the first Court Mage of the kingdom. How can he hold his new position in...

EricTapper favorited Code: DY5T0P1A 3 weeks ago
Code: DY5T0P1A

Manga - Sci-Fi

When massive monsters, Reabers invaded Earth, the rest of the humans had no choice but to move to Mars. To recapture Earth, an operation was conducted where specialized warriors were sent to annihilate the Reabers. That was 10 years ago. Now, following a certain warrior, in addition to Reabers he has found himself a new enemy. Will he survive and will the Earth be saved?

EricTapper commented in the blog 4 months ago
@HCHaze let us know what other questions come up, and feel free to check out our webinars on youtube channel!
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Good Ideas Comics

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Good Ideas Comics strives to produce entertaining stories across a wide variety of genres with solid art by newcomers in the comic industry!

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Yurine Seventeen

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EricTapper replied in General Discussion 1 year ago

re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Howdy howdy and welcome @DaoistHLULS4 !!!

Feel free to also hop into our discord with the other creators:

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

EricTapper replied in General Discussion 1 year ago

re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Welcome @Bobsheese and @AJMarsh! So glad to have you here :)

EricTapper commented in the blog 1 year ago
EricTapper replied in General Discussion 1 year ago

re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Yes! Keep it coming ya'll!!! Love all of this awesome indie work. 

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Jin Amber

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EricTapper commented in the blog 1 year ago
Agreed. @bob-artist seems to, as we say, know what they're doing. :) And we're honored to have their work up here, as well!
EricTapper commented in the blog 1 year ago
@tkeh Bob is really quite talented! Had you seen it before this feature?
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Don Juan Mancha The Person

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Some guy from California.

EricTapper replied in General Discussion 2 years ago

re: How are you promoting your comics through GlobalComix?

Hey there and welcome to GC! This is a great question, and something I work on every day.

First things first - as we're on a browser, you can easily link any of the titles you're trying to promote directly into your existing newsletter and social channels. At GC we've been featuring comics each week, and then sharing out through the channels I...

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EricTapper commented in the blog 2 years ago
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