February Feature #3: Life's a Game

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Feb 11, 2021

You win some you lose some. Life is a game we play everyday and everyday we do our best! Our players today include the local boys at the arcade, a young boy, a paddleball champion, a questionable little girl, and an E-sport player. Some experienced, some new to the game, let's get this show on the road!

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1. Pizza Boyz, Spencer Scott Holmes, (cc/ @SpencerSHolmes)

When pizza is the driving force of your life, there's Pizza Boyz. When video games become a way of existence, there's Pizza Boyz. When you need a grand laugh after a hard days night, there's Pizza Boyz. When its date night and Mario Kart is the right choice, there's Pizza Boyz. When your favorite flicks always involve dinosaurs, there's Pizza Boyz.

You get the drill.

Mature Content: Pizza Boys occasionally has adult language. Please read responsibly.

By Spencer Scott Holmes

Story and Art by Spencer Scott Holmes

2. Toybox Turmoil, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

When a young boy settles down for a quiet afternoon playing with his favourite action figures, he has no idea what he is about to set in motion. For while he is simply having fun with a few toys, he is in fact playing God to the lives of flesh and blood characters in another world, pulling their strings and controlling their lives.

Story and Art by Alexander Serra

3. Shugeki Lancer, Ryuki Tanaka, (cc/ @OfficialRyu)

After the death of the Japanese pro table tennis player known as the "Piercing Lancer", his younger brother Kyoya Yarizaki decides to follow in his footsteps. Using the ultimate technique passed down from his brother, the Kouraisou, will Kyoya be able to take down the many strong challengers awaiting him?

Story and Art by Ryuki Tanaka

4. Little Sally, Little Sally Comics, (cc/ @LittleSallyComics)

Little Sally is the story of a little girl named Sally that comes back from the grave and with the help of her friends Ted and Uni together they take out those that harm children. Get ready for a fun bloody time.

Mature Content Warning: Little Sally, in all her sweetness, has a lot of mature content including violence, drugs, violence and nudity. Please read responsibly. This comic is not for children.

Story and Art by Little Sally Comics

5. Conqueror, Michael Ampao, (cc/ @MichaelAmpao)

Read Left to Right.

A former professional E-sport gamer named Rodrigo Alon has died from an unfortunate accident. when he wakes up, he is in another real world and has a new body of his playing character from the online game. He wants to know the answer is how was he brought to another world and why.

Story and Art by Michael Ampao

That's all the rounds of play today, we'll pick up some more matches next week. Thank you so much for your time, but don't forget to support our creators and all their hard work! If you want the Full list for February, you can find it here!

Thank you for your attention today! Take a rest and see you later this week!

- Team GlobalComix

LittleSallyComics 1 week ago

Thanks for my first feature :)


EricTapper admin 1 week ago (edited 1 week ago)

@LittleSallyComics - you're welcome!