40 Comics of January!

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Feb 1, 2021

Can you believe the first month of 2021 is over?! Some of these stories and creators are even crowdfunding their next issue as we speak so keep on the lookout for opportunities to support!

Without further ado, the 40 comics of January! We have had the best fun sharing this list of the stories with you all. Let's enjoy!

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1. THE EIGHTH, Failed Superheroes Club, (cc/ @FSC)

THE EIGHTH is the epic and harrowing story of three teenagers who unlock a piece of ancient Sumerian armor and end up committing murder. Before they know it, they find themselves on a terrifying journey to destroy the world, with no going back.

Story and Art by Failed Superheroes Club

2. Snake Claws, Edison Neo, (cc/ @eneo)

Snake Claws is a martial arts action comic book series with fun action, wacky move names and a dash of good old kungfu movie cheese. Each book, though part of a larger sequential story, is a self contained story with its own beginning and ending with its own cast of characters. Have fun experiencing the epic fights and exploring the pugilistic world through the eyes of Snake Claws!

Story and Art by Edison Neo

3. Kade, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @SeanArcana)

Sunset Canyon, Colorado. A lone rider comes into town to clean things up. As he learns about the local ruffians terrifying the town…he is then killed. His body is left to rot in the desert…where a wagon train passes it. “What’s that, Pa?” a young boy asks. “Nothing we need to bother with,” says the father. His name is Elias Kade…

Story and Art by Arcana Comics

4. Vápnthjófr saga, Bjekkergauken, (cc/ @dankleosteus)

Welcome to Vapnthjofr saga! This is a historical fantasy comic, set in 10th century scandinavia. As a civil war is threatning to tear a west-nordic kingdom apart, an unlikely group is wrapped up in the conflict and sent out on a seemingly impossible quest. Updates tuesdays, thursdays and sundays.

Story and Art by Bjekkergauken

5. Time Gate: Reaper, Project Reaper, (cc/ @uzuki)

A young man bearing the promise of death on his skin, a sinister government made up of the undead, an infamous scythe murderer who's risen once again from the shadows . . . . . . and the fed-up girl with a hefty score to settle with all of them.

Story and Art by Project Reaper

6. Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury, Omeow Comics, (cc/ @bardicfury)

In ancient Ireland, a bard-in-training named Bryan gets sent to a town that never heard music before. Beautiful art accompanies their songs with a wild cast of interesting characters. Give it a shot and maybe sing about how you liked it so much to the creator too!

Story and Art by Omeow Comics

7. Maka, Siouxcomics, (cc/ @mbiliotti)

The best webcomic you can read if you like fantasy worlds painted with an amazing and breathtaking style! The Maka setting it's a fantasy world full of magic, warriors, monsters, ghosts, robots and many other weird stuff. Have fun! We definitely agree it has beautiful backgrounds, colorful artwork and some cool concept art to go with it! Be sure to check it out!

Story and Art by Siouxcomics

8. Postman No.9 (One-Shot), Jason Velez, (cc/ @jvelez)

The world has changed. Technology is obsolete. Law enforcement is non-existent. On the eve of her retirement, Chief Rankin requires one last delivery to be made and she only trust one person to do it: Postman No.9. This oneshot is an easy read and with stunning lineart, it's easy on the eyes too! Keep an eye on this creator!

Story and Art by Jason Velez

9. Vengeance of the heavenly deamon, Animation Arts, (cc/ @mplus)

Mu Tian Ran a young man from Mu family has been set up, his martial arts skills crippled at the hands of his own brother. Not only that, he's been rejected by his own family, who tortured him only to finally disown him and throw him out, all because he has the Bloodline of a Slave. At the lowest point of his life, a mysterious man arrives to mentor him and help him develop his own hidden talents.

Story and Art by Animation Arts

10. Beast King, Crimson Gate Comics, (cc/ @CrimsonGateComics)

Born with animal DNA infused with his own, Jake Stephens is on the hunt to avenge the murder of his parents by taking down the company behind everything. Three whole chapters are definitely gonna keep the beast satisfied for a while, be sure to take a look inside!

Story and Art by Crimson Gate Comics

11. Soul Ascendance, Bezel Leblanc, (cc/ @SpavVy)

Soul Ascendance is a story about the afterlife, where the lost souls that reside in Purgatory must hunt demons and take on other various tasks in order to earn their redemption.

Story and Art by Bezel Leblanc

To respect our viewers, please note that this comic, while very well done and a wonderful read, is recommended for adults (18+) only. Thank you for your consideration and understanding at us providing a warning.

12. Royal, BobbyjoeX (Crystal Avery), (cc/ @BobbyjoeX)

When you live in a world where magic and technology co-exist, things do not seem any better. When Junior Royal and his brother Oliver get accepted into North Academy, they think life will be a breeze but instead, what awaits them is chaos and hardships. Rogue Students, challengers, an escaped experiment gone wrong. All these things wait for our duo and the friends they make along the way.

Story and Art by BobbyjoeX (Crystal Avery)

13. Creativerse, Cave Comics and Art, (cc/ @Cavechan)

Layla notices a mysterious student is suddenly in her class. The student is an alien, Pixel, who has an amazing power - he can create planets and stars! But he's not the only one who can. How can they survive against the most fearsome celestial body in the universe?

Please read RIGHT TO LEFT.

Story and Art by Cave Comics and Art

14. The Wallachian Library, The Heretic Locomotive, (cc/ @thehereticlocomotive)

For how long can the dead rest in peace? Katya is learning how to be a reaper from none other than Grim himself! A standard mission to gather a soul goes horribly wrong and his scythe is stolen. Add in Death, the pale horse of the apocalypse, an electrifying and things get really messy really fast!

Story and Art by The Heretic Locomotive

To respect our viewers, please note that this comic is recommended for adults (18+) only. Most chapters are without warnings, but some have a warning placed on them. Thank you for your consideration and understanding at us providing a warning. We still recommend giving it a read if interested!

15. Changeling: An Urban Fairy Tale , Mythoverse Comics, (cc/ @MythoverseComics)

Maeve MacKenzie isn't an ordinary girl from Aberdeen, Washington.

Living with social anxiety for most of her childhood, Maeve has struggled to find her place among her peers while her parents struggle to raise a child they at times don’t understand.

Is there something different about Maeve?

Story and Art by Mythoverse Comics

16. The Box, BBMTY Studios, (cc/ @BBMTYStudios)

The Box is a connected anthology series about a strange box of unknown origins. Shrouded in mystery, appearing and disappearing at a whim. What does it hold? Do any dare to explore its secrets?

Story and Art by BBMTY Studios

17. The Man Who Wasn't There, OSS Comics, (cc/ @MCLent)

The Man Who Wasn’t There is an update of the famous gothic horror poem Antigonish written by Hughes Mearns in 1899. At the turn of the 20th century a young African American man must traverse a hellish landscape where murderous creatures roam. An abandoned building promises sanctuary but the man discovers he may not be alone. What lurks on the stairs may be the worst monster of all.

Story and Art by OSS Comics

18. Playground: Attack of the Gurgle Bots!!!, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

An All Ages graphic novel and/or potential series that targets children ages 7 and UP. Fun for the whole family, Playground and Hobby Squad encourage a return to outdoor activities and old school hands on hobbies through the use of timeless (in some cases: forgotten) childhood playground games, unplugged/ hands on hobbies, and healthier eating.

Story and Art by Adam Rose and Charles Toefield

19. Shapes, Cave Pictures Publishing, (cc/ @mandi)

As 13-year-old Tripp hits #1 on the leaderboard of his favorite video game, he is visited by three mysterious creatures who guard the master code that keeps the universe running. A hacker named BlackHat is threatening to break into this code, and Tripp's incredible gamer skills may be the key to stopping him—and saving the universe.

Story and Art by Jason Brubaker and Rick Rekedal

20. Expedition Zombie, SnowyWorks, (cc/ @snowyworks)

Zombies are used as challenges on an island survival reality show. The participants will have to survive on their own and there can be only one winner who must reach a boat and win the prize. Will the contestants survive?

Story and Art by SnowyWorks

21. Plant Life, Iqbal A Comics, (cc/ @iali)

A detective discovers that a plant identical to the one she illegally owns is the principal suspect of a murder investigation--an investigation she is leading.

"Plant Life'' is a mildly surreal police procedural set in a world where plants are outlawed and illegal to own. A detective discovers that a plant identical to the one she illegally owns is the principal suspect of a murder investigation--an investigation she is leading. Inspired by the movie "Melancholia" and akin to weird-fiction novels such as "Annihilation" by Jeff VanderMeer. It's gonna take some perfect side-stepping to avoid getting caught by her own team!

Story and Art by Iqbal A Comics

22. Collectors, Collectors Comic, (cc/ @CollectorsComic)

The love story of a husband, a wife and a comic book collection. Collectors is about Eddie, a comic book collector who loves his wife and his comic collection...but not always in that order! A perfect collection in itself of searching for that spot-on collectible while dealing with the often, imperfect-ness of marriage and relationships in a very light-hearted manner. It's a wonderful, and relatable series of short strips!

Written and drawn by Eddie deAngelini, Collectors is a love letter to the pop culture phenomenon of comic books and to all the wives who trip over longboxes all over the house!

Story and Art by Collectors Comic

23. Makabe-sensei's Perfect Plan, MediBang Inc. , (cc/ @MediBang)

The high school teacher Kanichi Makabe is what you might call a "perfectionist". He does not compromise anything that might hinder his perfect routine! From fighting over seats in the train to protecting a corner of an eraser, the peaceful boring days is indeed a battlefield for him... Please enjoy the series that inspired today's list! No detail can pass by flawed and this series was very enjoyable to read, both in its petty, impractical and hysterical strive for perfection in everything!

Story and Art by Kosuke Tokimune

24. Plainer Jane, Broken Face Comics, (cc/ @BrokenFaceComics)

The darkly comic story of Jane Pearson, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl from Manchester England who becomes a brutally efficient killer for hire. With no training, no special skills, just her own cunning, brutality, and fearlessness, Jane leaves a trail of bodies behind her, ultimately going head to head with the feared and secretive criminal gang, The Nexus. She's the perfect killer, perfectly unsuspect-able, so what could possibly bring her down?Please note that this comic is marked as containing mature content due to graphic violence and obscene language.

Story and Art by David Wilburn, Donna A Black, Ralf Singh, Robert Last, Tim West, Wayne Lowden

25. Serial Artist: Deluxe Edition, Reliquum Publishing, (cc/ @rrandle)

A fine arts gallery painter has claimed the subjects of his paintings are his murder victims, that all the clues necessary to solve his crimes are hidden in his work – and he has challenged the world to catch him. Overnight he has caused a worldwide sensation that vastly polarizes the populace between his devoted supporters and his vehement critics, all filtered through the skewed lens of media info-tainment, and one that those who walk the shadowy halls of power cannot long ignore. But the Serial Artist is hiding dangerous secrets, many he can barely admit even to himself.Artists in themselves are perfectionists, this comic takes it to another level, this artist showing the immaculate beauty of his crimes, as well as is flawless skill in escaping and being hidden from justice. A wild ride of a comic, please enjoy!

Please note that this comic is marked as containing mature content for nudity and obscene language.

Story and Art by Reliquum Publishing

26. The Witch, Nich the Lich, (cc/ @Nich)

The witch is a lonely woman, living in the forest. She travels between her forest home, a beautiful field, a far-away town and a nearby village making friends, learning new skills, life lessons, and most importantly, learning about herself. The witch is a lonely woman, living in the forest. She travels between her forest home, a beautiful field, a far-away town and a nearby village making friends, learning new skills, life lessons, and most importantly, learning about herself.

** UPDATE: Since our last feature, this comic has been updated with a new chapter about a new cast of characters! It is worth reading!

Story and Art by Nich the Lich

27. Space Comic, Mashawe, (cc/ @mashawe)

Two astronauts on their journey for an unknown goal. An enemy lurks nearby, so watch your step, er, space station?

Story and Art by Mashawe

28. Regro: Mystery of Craytor, Jacqueline Sartin, (cc/ @punches96)

Regro Batt is a young Guardian whose job is to protect his town, Dawfin, from monsters. However Regro's sudden torturous nightmares lead him to make a difficult choice. He must leave Dawfin and go on a journey to Craytor, the town he was born in. Join Regro and his friends Dane, Vivian, and Misk as they travel across deadly territory and face dangers bigger than ever before.

Story and Art by Jacqueline Sartin

29. InterWorld, Jin Amber, (cc/ @jin-amber)

The adventures of Liz, a cute talented tailor and his servant, Bennett, a most advanced android who travel between worlds. Each world has someone who needs help, follow Liz and Ben-chan in their quest to help the many worlds!

Story and Art by Jin Amber

30. Mind Bound, Relucent wave, (cc/ @relucentwave)

Its a normal school field trip for Antonina but things take a sudden turn. This comic gets wacky, scary and it is DEFINITELY not gonna stay normal!

Story and Art by Relucent wave

31. Ms. Walters, Quoth the Comic, (cc/ @Quoth143)

Ms. Bobbie Walters is new to town and to find a new job and it seems her job hunt has led her to an exciting new prospect. You could say her adventure starts off with a bang and is full of... questionable, exciting and a hunky cute guy? Dive right on in!

Story and Art by Quoth the Comic

32. Human Resources, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @SeanArcana)

Mark never wanted to work for a big evil corporation, but when he loses his job and knocks up his girlfriend, he’s forced to take a job from hell. Literally. As one of the only human employees at an insurance company run by a feckless demon, Mark battles office politics and supernatural creatures as he tries to save his soul without losing his job.

Story and Art by Arcana Comics

33. Sweet Nola, Chikin, (cc/ @Chikin)

Nola is a office worker. She takes care of her beloved little brother who is prodigious in music. Her hobbies include kickboxing and beating men to a little pulp.

One day, her company offers a paid master's. Returning to college would mean giving up her stable life and moving to a new city. The offer tempts her...

[Adapted from my novel of the same name available on :]

Story and Art by Chikin

34. Kitty, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

Kitty lives an unremarkable life with her aging parents and her job in the Post Office. She escapes into daydreams of dancing and romance to relieve the monotony of her daily routine. Her story provides a glimpse into a generation of women whose lives were shaped by the limits of their education, class and social expectations of the last century.

Story and Art by Susan Sainsbury

35. Fix The Fixers, Kall Tomov, (cc/ @ktomov)

Calcium is fresh out of University and lands a job as an intern in an eccentric production company. His two bosses seem keen on making his life harder, day by day, or maybe that's just life. Be it in his professional or personal life, Calc has to learn step by step, how to be an adult. If only anyone else knew, how to do that.
(Originally a webcomic strip)

Story and Art by Kall Tomov

36. Oh My Ghost, GHOSTMAYA, (cc/ @ghostmaya)

Have you heard a ghost who is afraid of scary stuffs like darkness, horror movies, ghosts, and etc? and loves to eat sweets? Yup you read it right.... This Ghost can eat. Logic is useless here in this series.

Story and Art by GHOSTMAYA

37. Not so Emo, Mari, (cc/ @Mari)

NSE is the story of Nem, a dramatic self-assured guy in his late teens, and the people he encounters. Love isn't just for those you date, family bonds can run deep too, and Nem has plenty of love on all side, even if it gets a bit tense.

Mature content warning: for domestic abuse & controversial topics.

Story and Art by Mari

38. Our Little Universe, Zee Bee, (cc/ @ogirl)

When Ruby & Rosa accidentally end up in another dimension after battling Razith, they realize they're on a new Earth. But it's a world without Shadow Demons & Uciine; only humans & animals. As they start getting acquainted to their new life & this new opportunity of being able to be in a relationship without having to hide, they also have to fight off villains who are coming through a portal crack

Story and Art by Zee Bee

39. The Guide to a Healthy Relationship, That's It? Comics, (cc/ @DanitheCarutor)

Psychological Drama | Slice of Life

Upon discovering his now ex-childhood friend isn't dead, an emotionally immature alcoholic tries to make amends for ruining their friendship.

Mature Content Warning: Abuse, blood, mental illness, queerphobia, self-harm, body horror.

Story and Art by That's It? Comics

40. Small Problem, LuluComics, (cc/ @Lucazu)

Aaron wants to go to Funland with his friends, however he isn't invited! His friends use it as a triple date, but since he's single, well, he can't go. Unless... Aaron decides to use an escort service to get a date for the day, but it doesn't go as planned. His dates really seems like such a nice person, maybe he should give love a chance!

Story and Art by LuluComics

Do you really love one of these titles? Do you have any suggestions for future features? Let us know with a comment below and don't forget to tell the creators how amazing their creations are! We'll be back later this week with even more fantastic stories. Thank you all so much for your support of all our creators and TO our creators for making all these awesome stories for us to enjoy.

-Team GlobalComix

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