January Feature #6: The Traveler

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Jan 21, 2021

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step - yeah, that's gonna take a while. Bring along some of these comics to give you the motivation to keep going! Each of these comics have their own journey and goals in mind. Nothing like some inspiration for the long haul! Be sure to give some of that inspiration to our creators, making comics are a long journey all by itself. Root for your favorite creators on this list after you finish their amazing works!

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1. The Witch, Nich the Lich, (cc/ @Nich)

The witch is a lonely woman, living in the forest. She travels between her forest home, a beautiful field, a far-away town and a nearby village making friends, learning new skills, life lessons, and most importantly, learning about herself.

Story and Art by Nich the Lich

2. Space Comic, Mashawe, (cc/ @mashawe)

Two astronauts on their journey for an unknown goal. An enemy lurks nearby, so watch your step, er, space station?

Story and Art by Mashawe

3. Regro: Mystery of Craytor, Jacqueline Sartin, (cc/ @punches96)

Regro Batt is a young Guardian whose job is to protect his town, Dawfin, from monsters. However Regro's sudden torturous nightmares lead him to make a difficult choice. He must leave Dawfin and go on a journey to Craytor, the town he was born in. Join Regro and his friends Dane, Vivian, and Misk as they travel across deadly territory and face dangers bigger than ever before.

Story and Art by Jacqueline Sartin

4. InterWorld, Jin Amber, (cc/ @jin-amber)

The adventures of Liz, a cute talented tailor and his servant, Bennett, a most advanced android who travel between worlds. Each world has someone who needs help, follow Liz and Ben-chan in their quest to help the many worlds!

Story and Art by Jin Amber

5. Mind Bound, Relucent wave, (cc/ @relucentwave)

Its a normal school field trip for Antonina but things take a sudden turn. This get wacky, scary and it is DEFINITELY not gonna stay normal!

Story and Art by Relucent wave

Well, I'm not sure where we are, hopefully not lost in all the amazing comics we just read. Grab a snack and a break and we will keep going in our next update. See you all next week. If you want to read our full January list, you can find that by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day and we'll see you all soon for some more amazing features!

- Team GlobalComix

Nich 1 month ago (edited 1 month ago)

Oh thank you for the feature!