January Feature #4: The Games

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Jan 14, 2021

No playing around, we've got some games in store for you today! Be it mental gymnastics or a real life game show, these comics are out to win it all, and in some case, die trying! Grab a couch and sit back and root for your favorite player, let The Games begin! Don't forget to give your favorite coaches, er, creators some love! They've worked very hard with their teams to bring you these great works!

1. The Box, BBMTY Studios, (cc/ @BBMTYStudios)

The Box is a connected anthology series about a strange box of unknown origins. Shrouded in mystery, appearing and disappearing at a whim. What does it hold? Do any dare to explore its secrets?

Story and Art by BBMTY Studios

2. The Man Who Wasn't There, OSS Comics, (cc/ @MCLent)

The Man Who Wasn’t There is an update of the famous gothic horror poem Antigonish written by Hughes Mearns in 1899. At the turn of the 20th century a young African American man must traverse a hellish landscape where murderous creatures roam. An abandoned building promises sanctuary but the man discovers he may not be alone. What lurks on the stairs may be the worst monster of all.

Story and Art by OSS Comics

3. Playground: Attack of the Gurgle Bots!!!, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

An All Ages graphic novel and/or potential series that targets children ages 7 and UP. Fun for the whole family, Playground and Hobby Squad encourage a return to outdoor activities and old school hands on hobbies through the use of timeless (in some cases: forgotten) childhood playground games, unplugged/ hands on hobbies, and healthier eating.

Story and Art by Adam Rose and Charles Toefield

4. Shapes, Cave Pictures Publishing, (cc/ @mandi)

As 13-year-old Tripp hits #1 on the leaderboard of his favorite video game, he is visited by three mysterious creatures who guard the master code that keeps the universe running. A hacker named BlackHat is threatening to break into this code, and Tripp's incredible gamer skills may be the key to stopping him—and saving the universe.

Story and Art by Jason Brubaker and Rick Rekedal

5. Expedition Zombie, SnowyWorks, (cc/ @snowyworks)

Zombies are used as challenges on an island survival reality show. The participants will have to survive on their own and there can be only one winner who must reach a boat and win the prize. Will the contestants survive?

Story and Art by SnowyWorks

Need a breather? We got you, come back later this week for the next round of comics! Some were winners, some didn't come out on top, but all our creators sure did! Be sure to give the love and support to these amazing creators above. They do work very hard to bring us their best, and we can't wait to see how they grow this year! If you want to read our full January list, you can find that by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day and we'll see you all soon for some more amazing features!

- Team GlobalComix