January Feature #2: These are Fresh Too!

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Jan 8, 2021
Continuing our list from Monday, let's enjoy some fresh and upcoming comics! We've hunted down some of the newest comics and recently updated comics that we want to share with you! 2021 is off to a wonderful start, I mean who doesn't enjoy some new comics to binge read? We hope you enjoy our selections and show these creators the love they deserve!

1. Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury, Omeow Comics, (cc/ @bardicfury)

In ancient Ireland, a bard-in-training named Bryan gets sent to a town that never heard music before. Beautiful art accompanies their songs with a wild cast of interesting characters. Give it a shot and maybe sing about how you liked it so much to the creator too!

Story and Art by Omeow Comics

2. Maka, Siouxcomics, (cc/ @mbiliotti)

The best webcomic you can read if you like fantasy worlds painted with an amazing and breathtaking style! The Maka setting it's a fantasy world full of magic, warriors, monsters, ghosts, robots and many other weird stuff. Have fun! We definitely agree it has beautiful backgrounds, colorful artwork and some cool concept art to go with it! Be sure to check it out!

Story and Art by Siouxcomics

3. Postman No.9 (One-Shot), ErrBane , (cc/ @jvelez)

The world has changed. Technology is obsolete. Law enforcement is non-existent. On the eve of her retirement, Chief Rankin requires one last delivery to be made and she only trust one person to do it: Postman No.9. This oneshot is an easy read and with stunning lineart, it's easy on the eyes too! Keep an eye on this creator!

Story and Art by ErrBane

4. Vengeance of the heavenly deamon, Animation Arts, (cc/ @mplus)

Surprise! Mu Tian Ran has been set up, his martial arts skills crippled at the hands of his own brother. Not only that, he's been rejected by his own family, who tortured him only to finally disown him and throw him out, all because he has the Bloodline of a Slave. At the lowest point of his life, a mysterious man arrives to mentor him and help him develop his own hidden talents.

Story and Art by Animation Arts

5. Beast King, Crimson Gate Comics, (cc/ @CrimsonGateComics)

Born with animal DNA infused with his own, Jake Stephens is on the hunt to avenge the murder of his parents by taking down the company behind everything. Three whole chapters are definitely gonna keep the beast satisfied for a while, be sure to take a look inside!

Story and Art by Crimson Gate Comics

That's our list for today! Thank you for your attention on us, but be sure to give it to these amazing creators above. They do work very hard to bring us their best, and we hope in the coming year that we all can grow together! If you want to read our full January list, you can find that by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day and we'll see you on Monday for some more amazing features!