January Feature #7: Wild Workdays

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Jan 25, 2021

The weekend is over and it's time to get some work done and make that money! Our comics this week have their own Wild Workdays; starting a new job can be stressful or exciting. Sometimes our co-workers get on our nerves, or can be best friends. We all can share these experiences or relate to them. Find some comfort that you don't have these crazy jobs! Being a creator can ALSO be a crazy job. Be sure to give thanks to our creators for their hard work!

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1. Ms. Walters, Quoth the Comic, (cc/ @Quoth143)

Ms. Bobbie Walters is new to town and to find a new job and it seems her job hunt has led her to an exciting new prospect. You could say her adventure starts off with a bang and is full of... questionable, exciting and a hunky cute guy? Dive right on in!

Story and Art by Quoth the Comic

2. Human Resources, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @SeanArcana)

Mark never wanted to work for a big evil corporation, but when he loses his job and knocks up his girlfriend, he’s forced to take a job from hell. Literally. As one of the only human employees at an insurance company run by a feckless demon, Mark battles office politics and supernatural creatures as he tries to save his soul without losing his job.

Story and Art by Arcana Comics

3. Sweet Nola, Chikin, (cc/ @Chikin)

Nola is a office worker. She takes care of her beloved little brother who is prodigious in music. Her hobbies include kickboxing and beating men to a little pulp. One day, her company offers a paid master's. Returning to college would mean giving up her stable life and moving to a new city. The offer tempts her...
[Adapted from my novel of the same name available on :]

Story and Art by Chikin

4. Kitty, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

Kitty lives an unremarkable life with her aging parents and her job in the Post Office. She escapes into daydreams of dancing and romance to relieve the monotony of her daily routine. Her story provides a glimpse into a generation of women whose lives were shaped by the limits of their education, class and social expectations of the last century.

Story and Art by Susan Sainsbury

5. Fix The Fixers, Kall Tomov, (cc/ @ktomov)

Calcium is fresh out of University and lands a job as an intern in an eccentric production company. His two bosses seem keen on making his life harder, day by day, or maybe that's just life. Be it in his professional or personal life, Calc has to learn step by step, how to be an adult. If only anyone else knew, how to do that.
(Originally a webcomic strip)

Story and Art by Kall Tomov

I think that's enough work for now, maybe time for a break yeah? Let's head on over to the break room get a drink or a snack! If you want to read our full January list, you can find that by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day and we'll see you all soon for some more amazing features!

- Team GlobalComix

Quoth143 supporter 4 weeks ago

Thank you for featuring my comic!