February Feature #2: Space and Beyond!

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Feb 8, 2021

Another week begins and we are settling our sights on the skies above! Space travel has been a popular topic as of late, so let's look into our own space adventures here on Globalcomix! Ready, Steady, GO!

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1. Brute - The Toughest 'Teddy Bear' in the Galaxy, eSq Comics, (cc/ @PrestonS)

Rose is lost in a hostile galaxy trying to get to the home she's never known - Earth. She's accompanied by a fellow wayward soul, the super-strong, diminutive, kind-hearted but short-tempered alien know as Brute! Just don't call him cute!

Story and Art by Brooke Newhart, Owen Keenan, Preston Squire

2. Wonder Duck, Dark Fire Press, (cc/ @jmdarkfire)

As the result of a war in an alien planet, a super battle suit is discharged into space changing the life of one hapless duck and transforming him into a hero called Wonder Duck!

Story and Art by Dark Fire Press

3. Warshiner, Tango Comics, (cc/ @TangoComics)

A science fiction fantasy of a future whereby people of earth and their whiskey has become a sought after commodity in a futuristic era of prohibition in outer space. It's got crime, good drinks and beautiful landscapes, it's one heck of a show!

Story and Art by Tango Comics

4. Up from the Skies, Unlikely Heroes Studios, (cc/ @UHStudios)

A trippy, dreamy survival tale and interstellar bromance between a spacefaring prince and the ice-age hunter who rescues him.

Story and Art by Unlikely Heroes Studios

5. Moon Girl, The Force Media, (cc/ @omorales81)

A million years ago in outer space... a highly-advanced society of women lives under the surface of the moon. Their peaceful way of living is quietly fracturing from the inside, as political ideologies pit the queen of the moon against a geneticist hell bent on usurping the queen's power.

Story and Art by The Force Media

That's our first trip around the universe, maybe take a break for now and stock up on supplies. Did you have a comic you enjoyed? Tell us about it, heck, tell the creator themselves by leaving them a comment!

If you want the Full list for February, you can find it here!

Thank you for your attention today! Take a rest and see you later this week!

- Team GlobalComix