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I'm Spencer Scott Holmes, the funky fresh dude that creates the sitcom styled Indie Comic book series, Pizza Boyz! Loaded with multimedia fueled good time adventures to always put a smile on ones face. And I also record the Old Man Orange, Via VHS, Indie Comix Club, and Spencer Scott Holmes Podcasts. Party time, excellent! Come by and say hello.

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Greetings all,

I found out about Global Comix from the creator of Pizza Boyz, Spencer Holmes via twitter. 
My name is Juan Espinosa. I am from the Dominican Republic and my main language is Spanish. I founded Bearded Man Comics on 2019 but have been writing since 2017.

I created and currently write Adventures of a System Admin. Which is...

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The Maroon

Comic - Thriller

The Maroon follows the exploits of a lone nameless Black Seminole, on the run from the law for an atrocity that was pinned on him! But as he searches for sanctuary, he not only encounters fiendish men and women but mythical figures as well as the supernatural! The story details the events of a lone nameless Black Seminole, on the run from the law for an atrocity that was pinned on him!

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Owl Eye Comics is less a comics company, and more a collective of like-minded creators who trade inspiration and motivation rooted in the world of indie comics. While Derek W. Lipscomb is the primary name under the banner, he owes a great deal of it's success to his friends who support him and voluntarily aide him on editing and writing for his series.

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Pizza Boyz

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When pizza is the driving force of your life, there's Pizza Boyz. When video games become a way of existence, there's Pizza Boyz. When you need a grand laugh after a hard days night, there's Pizza Boyz. When its date night and Mario Kart is the right choice, there's Pizza Boyz. When your favorite flicks always involve dinosaurs, there's Pizza Boyz. You get the drill. By Spencer Scott Holmes

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Independent publishing company founded on 2019 which is behind the comic series “Adventures of a System Admin” and “Mythology Stories”. Series created by Juan Espinosa which is also the founder and create at Bearded Man Comics.