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EmpireComicPress posted Nov 3, 2020

How are you promoting your comics through GlobalComix?

Hello, friends! We just signed up and started uploading our content. How are you directing others to this platform? How has traffic been? Any tips?

EricTapper admin posted Nov 5, 2020

Hey there and welcome to GC! This is a great question, and something I work on every day.

First things first - as we're on a browser, you can easily link any of the titles you're trying to promote directly into your existing newsletter and social channels. At GC we've been featuring comics each week, and then sharing out through the channels I mentioned, and making sure to tag all of the folks involved on twitter and IG so they can help spread the word as well. :) 

We've also been having success sharing comics in subreddits that match the psychographics of the story we want to share - for example, Robot Dance Club has somewhat of a dystopian spin to it, so the folks at r/cyberpunk or r/dystopia might find it interesting, if you say something like "I have this story about a dystopian future where humans are ignored and robots... DANCE. Thought you'd appreciate it."

You can apply this principle to Facebook groups and other organized communities in social channels. It can be broad too, like around 'robots' or 'mecha', or specific like 'fans of the Fifth Element' or other stories that have similar themes. Nothing is ever going to be a perfect comparison (this is good), but in a venn diagram you just need some overlap and the right messaging to reach a chunk of the group you're talking to.

For traffic, some single posts in these communities have generated hundreds of readers and over 5k pages read, for example. Minutes of effort = lots of eyeballs, though consistency is always going to yield the best results.

Other folks on the platform have also begun to run contests on their social media with rewards - so you can retweet for a chance to win access via promo codes to your catalog, or some other incentive that's already cooked up. I always try to limit the amount of extra work in more casual promotions, as you probably have a lot to work with already and plenty to do in the meantime, haha. 

The last thing I'll mention for now is that the analytics on this platform let you track who is actually clicking in. You generate a tracking code using something like this URL generator, and then share that link. For example if you post 10 different links of the same comic, you can ID the community with that URL's defined term (see the sheet). To use that sheet, put the info into the right side to generate the URL, and then you can manage the posting with the left side - who owns the post, what time, where to post, etc. It's a little rudimentary but should get the job done - it will eventually be built into the platform properly. :) 

(Note about reddit and displaying long links - when posting links, make sure to the use the 'link' option as it auto-shortens it for you. Twitter also auto shortens links when they're at the end of the tweet without any text after, and Facebook allows you to delete the text of the link once you paste it in the status box.)

Let me know what you think! @EmpireComicPress

EmpireComicPress posted Nov 9, 2020

We love it! Thank you for the well thought out advice/detail/plan to rock. We'll get on it and let you know how we grow. Excited to be a part of this platform :) 

scificomicartist posted Jun 16, 2022

ALWAYS post on Reddit, for one very good reason: Reddit postings show up on Google searches where postings on other sites do not1

Christopher admin supporter posted Jun 16, 2022

ALWAYS post on Reddit, for one very good reason: Reddit postings show up on Google searches where postings on other sites do not1

Very good point!

Nickolaidas posted Jul 1, 2022

I must admit I spend very little effort to promote my comic. And it hurts the views.

I thought about reddit, but I see no responses in the posts of people who their work, and almost no upvotes. So it seemed like a lost cause to me.

Discord? I post my work and I get one like tops.

Delete posted Aug 18, 2022

I print mini comics and approach strangers outside cons and sell the books at cost and get their email addresses. Not scaleable.

Karumtoo-Rexo posted Sep 16, 2022

For any webcomic site including GlobalComix, I do little to no marketing for my projects. I don't mind any amount of readers view my comics/novels as long as I can stay humble working on them.

If I think a project of mine is going to be ambitious, I could advertise a bit through {digital} guerrilla marketing methods if possible - maybe allow a [group of] comic creator{s} to review my comics IF gained the permission/license to do so.

eedwards posted Oct 13, 2022

I use forums and social media to promote my comics. I specifically use Instagram. If you have the means, I suggest sponsored posts for Instagram because Instagram growth is difficult to achieve especially if you're not posting daily, posting reels and/or don't have a specific niche.

Adriano posted Oct 20, 2022

I have a mailing list I'm always pushing - this way I can push one project after the next! if you're interested (and want to see an adorable cat).

mousylou posted Dec 3, 2022

hi dear, i just created a thread with a bunch of Reddit community if you want to have a look at it to help promote your comic ^^