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re: How are you promoting your comics through GlobalComix?

We love it! Thank you for the well thought out advice/detail/plan to rock. We'll get on it and let you know how we grow. Excited to be a part of this platform :) 

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Vanja Utne

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Silly little stick figure comics, not much text. I'm also known as Cheese Pirate Comics.

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Freelance artist stationed in the USA!

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Wayward Raven Media is an independent publisher of comic books, graphic novels, children's books, webcomics, and other fiction. Launched at NYCC in 2012 with two titles, the company publishes stories that have a beginning, middle and end. Our work is not just plot-focused, but also character-driven. Most importantly, DEAD IS DEAD. It’s our niche. And we like it.

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Schjoay Productions

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Production Company for all things Johnny C.

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Merry Fox Comics

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Uliks Bajçinovci

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Printer by Day - Mangaka by Night I LOVE manga! Thank you so much for checking out my profile! Message me if you have any questions about myself or my work!

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Hi! I'm Niah. I make weird stuff about normal stuff and now I'm posting it here.

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215 Ink

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Indie comic book publisher, friend to new and experienced writers, artists, creators.

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How are you promoting your comics through GlobalComix?
Hello, friends! We just signed up and started uploading our content. How are you directing others to this platform? How has traffic been? Any tips?