Announcing improved popularity algorithm, other new ways to discover comics to read

Christopher Headquarters • Jun 16, 2021


Here at GlobalComix, we are always looking into ways we can improve the experience for creators and readers alike.

The Browse Comics section is at the heart of finding something new to read, and we want to make sure it's a powerful tool to help you discover stories that interest you. We also want to empower creators and publishers to provide as much context and clarity on their series as possible to improve discoverability.

With that in mind, here are some improvements we're rolling out for the Browse section. These enhancements are live now, so you can start using the new features right away to discover your next favorite comic, or to reconnect with stories you love.

New View Mode: List/Card

We've added a new default view when visiting the Browse Comics page. This view presents the comics in a list format, with additional details on the comic at-a-glance.

Comic Details Card

New information available in the list view includes the type, genre, themes, description, total releases in the series, total views for the series, and the date it was last updated. We've also added a Like button allowing you to quickly Like and follow your favorite comics -- giving you access to notifications any time a new release happens.

Reading Status

In addition to new information available on the comic, we've added a "Start Reading" button that will update automatically to "Continue" if you've already read part or all of a comic in the series. "Start Reading" means you haven't read any comics in that series, an orange "Continue" button means there are additional issues or pages available that you haven't read, and a white "Continue" button means you've finished reading the most recent available issue in that series. The number in parenthesis is the last unfinished issue you last read, or the first new unread issue if you've completed all the previous ones.

Clicking a "Continue" button will take you to the page you left off on. Here's an example of what that would look like.

For those that prefer the grid view, worry not, it's still available as an option. Simply click "View as Grid" at the top-right below the sorting options.

New Sorting Options: Popularity and Views

We've also added extra ways to sort comics based on chosen criteria. In addition to sorting by Featured and Updated, you can now also order by Popularity and total Views. Both of the new options have Timeframe choices available, so you can narrow or widden the range to your liking. The options available are:

  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 3 Months
  • 1 Year

Redesigned Popularity Algorithm

To go along with expanding Popularity as a sorting option for the comics list, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what it means for a comic to be popular on GlobalComix. We've completely reworked the algorithm, adding in new factors to help determine the popularity of a comic.

Here's how it works in simple terms:

Our popularity algorithm ranks comics into a popularity score based on a given set of signals, and we re-compute all comic popularity scores daily so that they are always up to date. They look at (mostly) the following criteria:

  • # comic views (specific to each time range [7 day, 1 month... etc]), weighted by newer views count more than very old views.
  • # readers consuming a comic, weighted by readers who read further into a comic towards the end, and weighted by time (newer readers count more than older readers - this is popularity after all).
  • # likes a comic gets in a given time frame, weighted by newer likes count more than older likes.

While this is a fresh start for our popularity based discovery, we will continue to monitor the results to ensure that the score calculation equation works as intended, and we may continue to tweak it or add additional criteria as we expand a reader's interactive abilities with a comic (example might be comments coming into the mix, etc).


We hope that this update helps our readers discover all the amazing comics that exist on GlobalComix. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please be sure to leave us a comment below!


The GlobalComix Team

@Kevin, @EricTapper, @Christopher



AhkwardKat admin 5 months ago

Thank you team for always looking out for us! This will really help find more awesome stuff to read with as much as we are growing!


Christopher admin 5 months ago

You're welcome @AhkwardKat


lcalpin 5 months ago

Will there be an app coming soon? Curious because of the trouble I've been experiencing on the online platform. Words blurring and becoming pixelated after turning a few pages. The single arrow button which turns the page to the next one doesn't work at all whenever I press it


Christopher admin 5 months ago

@lcalpin actually, I am working on re-writing the reader quite literally right now to be a LOT better. I hope to have something out ASAP - you're not the only one who has shared these concerns :(