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GlobalComix CEO interviewed by Omar Spahi's Dreamer Comics Podcast

gamalhennessy Headquarters • Dec 3, 2020

As a comic book creator, you know that publishing comics is a complex process that involves multiple decisions around various business, creative, legal, marketing, and sales aspects of the book.

Developing an international marketing and publishing platform for digital comics that is easy to use, enjoyable to read, and structured in a way that makes real money for creators creates a unique set of challenges. It requires inspired insight, constant learning, and years of work to make your vision a reality.

@Christopher, the founder and CEO of GlobalComix sits down with Omar Spahi of The Dreamer Comics Podcast to talk about the origins of GlobalComix, the best way to market independent comics, and why comics haven’t seen the evolution of content that music has experienced with Spotify and video has seen with YouTube.

Listen in and find out more. It can help you make publishing your comics a little easier.