Announcing GlobalComix Crowdfinder Tools

Christopher Headquarters • Dec 2, 2020

Update July 2021: Here's a video how to set up Crowdfinder for your comic


Looking back on 2020, there’s one thing that is inarguably clear - the comics community is immensely resilient. We have not spoken to one creator, publisher, or contributor of any kind that hasn’t upped their game against immeasurable challenges, both personal and worldwide. The stories of these folks shine as brightly as the stories they tell through art, and that shows particularly clear in the evolving relationship between them and their fans:

Crowdfunding has bridged the gap for so many up and coming storytellers and the fans who want to take an active role in supporting the creators who make their favorite work, and we recognize the importance of this when looking for ways to support our creative community.

That’s why, today, we are announcing GlobalComix Crowdfinder, a suite of tools for creators to empower their crowdfunding campaigns using GlobalComix, find new backers through our platform, and give digital perks as backer rewards.

The Crowdfinder tools are broken into three distinct sets of benefits:

Increase Discoverability
Our discoverability sections have been equipped with filters that let readers find comics that are actively being crowdfunded, or that have a successful crowdfunding history. Creators can opt to display crowdfunding notices on their profile and comic pages, which direct readers to their crowdfunding campaigns.

Interactive Crowdfunding Campaign Previews
Use the GlobalComix Interactive Reader to present your comic previews in the best possible way and track click throughs from your campaign pages. Give potential backers an excellent mobile optimized demo experience regardless of your page layout.

Campaign Backer Rewards
If your campaigns are successful, you're going to want to have things to offer your backers. By combining our powerful promo and gift-code generator with your backer rewards offering, you can give your backers benefits ranging from free digital reading of a single comic to all of your titles. Choose whether the benefits last for a limited time, or forever - it's your choice. 


It's no understatement to say that this year has been a big one for GlobalComix. Both in terms of growth, and in terms of platform tools and support for the creative comics community. As 2020 is coming to a close, we're excited to let you all know that there are many more improvements and exciting new plans for 2021, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please share them with us below :)

-Team GC