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Fresh Friday Features #2

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 11, 2022

Our Fresh Friday Features continue, and these titles bite back! Each week, KeepingitGeekly and ArtCrumbs have picked out four titles that they feel deserve more reads! In our line-up this week, we've got one comic from each category to give you a varied list of must-reads for your weekend!

  • Manga - Sleepy Hollow: A new twist on a classic tale
  • Webcomic - Plague Rat: A mysterious school that trains plague doctors
  • Comic - The Firewalker: A Guardian pyro-mancer fighting in a rebellious war
  • Graphic Novel - MADE FLESH: a seriously creepy spider-and-evil-spirit filled house with a haunting past

Now that we've met our four fresh picks, let's dig into each of them! KeepingitGeekly and ArtCrumbs will provide comments about the comic and why you should read it too!

Sleepy Hollow, 10 pages - Published by Ronin Manga, (cc/ @theeevilmonkey)

A retelling of the classic horror tale, Sleepy Hollow.

Story and Art by Ronin Manga

Comments from @KeepingitGeekly:

Sleepy Hollow makes great use of visual story telling in this classic retelling, and I must admit it added a new layer of fear by eliminating our protagonist’s thoughts. Instead, we rely on facial expressions, and the team at Ronin Manga knock it out of the park. Utilizing darker tones and shadows, the only light that we get to experience is emitted by the lone wanderer’s lantern as they travel deeper into the woods to their final destination—a shrine.

This isn’t your typical shrine though and as their lantern uncovers the horrors lurking in the darkness a twist happens so strong your head will ROLL! If you like short stories that explore horror without words, then Sleepy Hollow will be the perfect read for you!



Plague Rat - Mobile Version, 126 pages - Published by Rabbit_Dance_, (cc/ @bsinclair)

Starting over at a new school in a new town is HARD. You have to learn the layout, make friends, avoid making enemies, and do your homework, too. It's hard, but it's even harder when you're going to the Yersinia Medical Academy to be a Plague Doctor, your new roomie's weird, you're now an orphan, homework can involve corpses, you need to solve a mass murder, and you're only here because you're now the Carrier of a plague, like everyone else in Yersinia. How will 15-year-old Callum Martinez cope? And can his new friends help him find who was behind the destruction of his former home?

Story and Art by Rabbit_Dance_

Comments from @KeepingitGeekly:

We begin with an alarm going off and DJ getting woke up to a Plague Doctor standing before him, and the usage of vertical scrolling was done hilariously. In what starts off feeling serious is quickly washed away when we realize it’s a wake-up call for Waffle Day, and thus we find our two Plague Doctors suited up and running to the breakfast hall. It’s here we are formally introduced to our protagonist Callum Martienz and the horrific backstory of how he ended up at the Yersinia Academy.

I really enjoyed how this played with different emotions, from focusing on the humorous aspects between two friends to deep diving into a plague ridden city and how Callum was a lone survivor. It was hard for me to quit scrolling long enough to finish this review!!



The Firewalker, 53 pages - Published by Arka WR, (cc/ @arkawidya)

Aidan had guessed that leaving his village would bring great changes into his life. He certainly wasn't expecting to join a rebellion and meet a mysterious bard who tagged along the ride.

Story and Art by Arka WR

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

The Firewalker immediately capture me with this absolutely beautiful cover when I saw it for the first time. It's been sitting in my reading list for a few weeks and now was the perfect opportunity to read it! Have I said I love this cover?

Onto the story, we are greeted by some beautiful stylized artwork, reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts, where we are immediately created with war and conflict, as well as a mystery surrounding a missing general of war. I love a good mystery, so this was immediately intriguing for me. Moving into the story progression, our main character, Aidan is leaving home for the first time. I got the feeling he was woefully under prepared for what life in the army (his reason for leaving), would be like. Right away there is snappy looking bard (if I do say so myself) and trouble from foreign forces. It starts of into action very quickly, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release!

I've been able to follow Arka's work and progression in the GlobalComix Discord server, and it's always a joy to see their work pop up in the art gallery. I tend to prefer black and white artwork, but the artwork of this series is beautiful, especially with that colored line art. Great work, Arka!



MADE FLESH, 123 pages - Published by TegneserieCentralen Digital Press, (cc/ @agunnarsson)

The death of Michael’s father forces him to return to his childhood home. As the memories threaten to overwhelm him, a sinister secret is reveled. One that threatens not just him, but everyone he loves.
--"Kramhøft and Kristensen’s MADE FLESH is a classic, chilling ghost story, with a visceral, modern twist."
-John Reppion -Conspiracy of Ravens - Sherlock Holmes" --"“Made Flesh” is a beast of a book!"
-Teddy Kristiansen -Illustrator, "House of Secrets" - "The Red Diary""

Story and Art by 
Written by Lars Kramhøft
Illustrated by Tom Kristensen

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

MADE FLESH has also been on my reading list for some time, and I am SO glad I picked it for this week's reading! They say it's a beast of a book, and that's literally and figuratively! Within these pages, right away something is clearly not right. I don't know about your house, but mine certainly doesn't talk to me! It wants something. IT wants Michael.

In the following pages, we do meet Michael, and his life isn't going so well right now. At a funeral, we watch and learn that he is needed, in person, to settle his father's estate, namely, his house. From Michael's reaction, he wasn't looking forward to it, but I sure was! Between the cover, the art style, the intro, and Michael's reaction, I knew I was in for a hella spooky read. My favorite!

I won't spoil the rest, but we take turns into dark memories, nightmares, witchcraft, evil spirits, and so many spiders! It's a horrifically gruesome tale, but one that kept me turning the pages. Fantastic job, everyone!


That's all for now, but we'll have another set of Fresh Friday reading recommendations next week. If you're looking for more recommendations, make sure to opt in for our weekly reading list email! You can find that in your User Profile Notification settings. You can also browse through our Featured Comics news section!

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