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Fresh Friday Features #1

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 4, 2022

Introducing a new type of weekly features, Fresh Friday Features! Every week @KeepingitGeekly and I will be discussing 4 different comics. We'll go over their plot, their creators, and in general what we thought about the comic and why you should read them too!

With each edition of Fresh Friday Features, we'll cover one of each: Comic, Graphic Novel, Manga, and Webcomic. This ensures there is content for everyone, and we can highlight as much variety as possible! Let's dig into our featured stories today!

Petrichor, 13 pages - Published by motli, (cc/ @motli)

Bioprecipitation has claimed the world. The sun has become a dream and water floods the land. Yet, people adapt and life goes on. Technology has solved the inconveniences of nature and artificial light is the norm. But the truth is ignored. And the rain never ends.

Writer/Artist/Letterer - Motli

Comments from @KeepingitGeekly:

We begin with our protagonist standing in the rain, observing and absorbing the Bioprecipitation that has encompassed the world. The rain never ends, and I love how Motli designed the panels and word breaks to reflect that. The detail is mesmerizing, with the artwork appearing as if it were a watercolor painting.

While there isn’t much in terms of exposition or dialogue, the art stands strong enough on its own to fill in the blanks. It details a world that has fallen into shambles yet offers a tantalizing glimpse of technology that has thrived. This serves as a sharp contrast in a world filled with ruins, which is amplified even further with the cliffhanger.



Yasuke, 28 pages - Published by Outland Entertainment, (cc/ @jeremymohler)

Yasuke (originally Yasufe), a slave warrior originally from Mozambique, is taken by a Jesuit missionary to Japan in the late 16th century. Once warlord Oda Nobunaga lays eyes on him, he’s captivated and becomes the African slave’s new master, giving him his Japanese name, and making him a full-fledged samurai.

Writer - Koji Steven Sakai
Artist/Letter - Jamie Noguchi
Publisher - Outland Entertainment

Comments from @KeepingitGeekly:

We follow the story of Yasuke, the first and only African Samurai, from his first steps onto Japanese soil in 1581. The narration builds the exposition in a digestible manner while maintaining a solid pacing with world building.

Yasuke - The African Samurai absolutely shines within, building emotional ties with the protagonist who is seen as a monster during his first days in Japan. I felt this was a proper balance with how dark Oda Nobunaga aka The Demon King was shown to be the page before. The anticipation of the oncoming feud continues to grow as The Demon King marches with soldiers, and they have no issue murdering thousands of innocent people.



The Misadventures Of Misfit And Mieko, 155 pages - Published by ParisEdoodle, (cc/ @parisedoodle)

Misfit is an ill-fated black cat cursed with bad luck. His best friend, Mieko, is a beckoning cat blessed with good fortune by the seven spirits of luck. Journey with them through the seven kingdoms of Misako as they try to remove the curse and search for the mysterious Torii gates. Beyond the gates lies the realm of spirits and monsters in which the seven dwell. Posted on Fridays at 10AM CST.

Art and story by Paris Beauchamp

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

Misfit and Mieko has to be probably one of my favorite comics here on the platform. I’ll admit that initially, I wasn’t sure what to think about it. This webcomic starts out with shorter stories about mishaps and laughable events in the lives of Misfit and Mieko as cats with bad luck and good luck respectively. It’s honestly amusing, but after a few episodes, the story expands into this incredibly diverse plot and new world. I was amazed by the art style and world that was familiar, yet unique.

As the story goes on, we discover that Misfit and Mieko both have a connection and reasons for their bad luck and good luck. They have deeper selves, and we see them struggle, and succeed with their abilities, faults, and managing their luck. I wholly recommend this story to anyone who loves lore and world building, mythology, and of course, adorable cats.



A Party's Edda, 349 pages - Published by Doodlescrub, (cc/ @doodlescrub)

In the fragile peace following the defeat of the Demon King, Zeke, a young warrior, dreams to become a great adventurer like his father. As he meets a party of ragtag companions and go questing through the lands of Bumi, they begin to unravel a demonic conspiracy that threatens to plunge the world into chaos once again.

Art and Story by Zack @the_doodlescrub

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

A Party’s Edda feels like an excited shōnen full of potential! There’s a staggering 19 Chapters uploaded already, and I felt it deserved more attention! We start out in the throes of a battle between a Demon King and Warrior Galleon Magnus, and unfortunately the battle ends in a less than ideal way. We flash forward to Galleon’s son, traveling into a new city, meeting some shady characters, and it becomes apparent that there is some work to be done to live up to his father’s legacy and skill.

I’m not going to spoil too much more, it’s a fantastic read full of action, betrayal, mystery, and a heaping dose of mythology-inspired culture and lore. It definitely lives up to its shōnen roots, and I’m glad to see a manga this enjoyable on the platform. Great work!  It’s a fun read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great story to enjoy over the weekend!


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