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What's Trending: Family and Friends

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 3, 2022

Nothing's more important than family, and family isn't just blood. It's the close bonds and friendships we make through both happy times and trials. Today's What's Trending embodies those concepts, full of struggle, but full of warmth, wholesome moments, and victories.

JUNKIE GENERATION, 33 pages - Published by fabandtherice, (cc/ @fabandtherice)

Cyan, an abonded juvenile tries to avange his brothers drug overdosing death and founds a small collective called “JUNKIE GENERATION”. Due to an excessive drug abuse of the young generation from his area, he makes his way to crash into the drug industry of the so called “Urbans”. A very dangerous gang that has gained major influence because of their spacious business with a deadly drug called “Lion Tooth”. Come and explore the dystopian city of underground fights, conflicts and dirty drug businesess!

Story and Art by fabandtherice



Tears of a Dragon, 80 pages - Published by Kekreations Art, (cc/ @Kekreations)

Stories following the hardships, adventures, and lives of an endangered race of dragon shapeshifters. How will they cope and survive in a world that has decided it doesn't want them?

Story and Art by Kekreations Art



Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan Comics, 380 pages - Published by Nila Comics, (cc/ @Saravanaraja)

Story and Art by Nila Comics



Babann's Treasures, 263 pages - Published by ZALE, (cc/ @ENBILAG)

After a long war era, a new era of peace began between the two neighboring countries, the Kingdom of Elzarna and the empire of Melethay. And Babann's treasures became mere stories from the past. However, After the peacemakers' generation has gone, a new generation of leaders has emerged with various ambitions and opposing goals. And slowly, the secrets of Babann's treasures began to resurface.

Story and Art by ZALE



Unluckies, 658 pages - Published by Neon Hell, (cc/ @Peachy-Keene)

Magical girl Lilyfeather escapes an arranged marriage by joining a crew of pirate hunters in this high-seas tale of love, luck, and zombies!

Story and Art by Neon Hell



Mandy and the Magic Toad, 224 pages - Published by ArtDweeb, (cc/ @ArtDweeb)

After a toad swallowed her wand, Mandy the Witch and her friends: Ellie the Vampire and Ben the Werewolf must learn to live with their own powers and shortcomings. In a world filled with monsters and magic, their adventures are anything but ordinary!

Story and Art by ArtDweeb