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Halloween 2022 Special - Most Popular Horror

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Oct 31, 2022

Classic Halloween monsters, scandalous victorian secrets, spooky campfire stories, raising the dead, weredogs and more! This list has everything your gruesome little hearts could desire! A Top Ten of popular titles for a Halloween binge!

1. Halloween Man, 1797 pages - Published by Halloween Man Comics, (cc/ @dedwards)

Slain by a vampire, but brought back to life by arcane magic, Solomon Hitch is Halloween Man, a flesh-eating zombie with the power of the horror movie sequel! Now, with the help of his glamorous super-scientist girlfriend Lucy, reprobate Necromancer Morlack, and hedonistic demi-god Man-Goat, he defends Solar City, Texas from evil.

Story and Art by Halloween Man Comics



2. Cheapjack Gentlemen, 567 pages - Published by Miss Fester, (cc/ @MissFester)

Set in a rural village during the mid-victorian era, a crafty quack doctor and a somber undertaker become mismatched partners in crime, selling cadavers to a medical school ⁠— however, certain decisions and personal differences create issues in their business.

Story and Art by Miss Fester



3. Silently, 141 pages - Published by Hugi, (cc/ @Hugi)

Two women struggle to survive in a strange monster filled world.

Story and Art by Hugi



4. Hexameron, 155 pages - Published by Kel & Dark Comics, (cc/ @Kelheor)

You thought the campfire legends were not real? Well, you were wrong! -- Story by Darkstrong | Art by Kelheor

Story and Art by Kel & Dark Comics



5. John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction, 3061 pages - Published by Storm King Comics, (cc/ @seanstormking)

John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction is the definitive collection of stories at the crossroads of horror and sci-fi. Follow us into a dark future, from post-apocalyptic earth, into space and beyond. Each mini series explores the universal fears of the unknown, alien life, interstellar travel, and the age old question, can anyone can hear you scream in space. The answer is no.

Story and Art by Andrea Mutti, Andres Esparza, David J. Schow, Duane Swierczynski, Tim Bradstreet



6. Decay, 60 pages - Published by Fire Ant Ent, (cc/ @stokesthewriter)

A supernatural revenge thriller that will keep audiences guessing and rip your heart out. Fans of horror with a mystery will love "Decay".

Story and Art by Fire Ant Ent



7. Those Who Sleep, 23 pages - Published by Yokani, (cc/ @Yokani)

She's a college student. He's a powerful vampire. A bizarre twist of fate has brought these two friends together. Now the pair must begin to unravel the mysteries and secrets that all begin to reveal themselves with a gruesome discovery on her first day of college. Originally posted to Webtoon canvas, this page will update weekly until it catches up to the current releases! Please Note: this series changes from traditional format, to scroll after a few chapters

Story and Art by Yokani



8. Werewoofs, 162 pages - Published by New Paradigm Studios, (cc/ @newparadigmstudios)

In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. When a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, they have to learn to adapt to their new powers. This leads to an unlikely friendship with loner Mara, a werewolf whose father mysteriously vanished. As they team up to solve the disappearance, friendships are tested, secrets are revealed, and the 'Werewoofs' have to prove themselves in an explosive showdown against a pack of werewolves and their vicious alpha.

Story and Art by Ed Dukeshire, Joelle Sellner, Steenz, Val K Wise



9. Flesh Eating Cheerleaders from Outer Space, 195 pages - Published by Dren Productions, (cc/ @jmascia)

When a meteor crashes in the middle of campus, the students at Pullman University didn't realize that they were being invaded. These space creatures are able to inhabit and take over the human body. So, what happens when a group of cheerleaders are caught in the middle? They become these flesh-eating cannibals, of course.

Story and Art by Dren Productions



10. Year Zero, 262 pages - Published by AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

Ben Percy (Wolverine), Ramon Rosanas (Star Wars: Age of Resistance) & Juan José Ryp (Britannia) present epic tales that offers a global look at the Zombie Apocalypse in Year Zero VolumesOne & Volume Two. Each series features survivors of a horrific global epidemic who must draw upon their unique skills and deepest instincts to navigate a world of shambling dead.

Story and Art by Benjamin Percy, Frank Martin, Juan Jose Ryp, Lee Loughridge, Ramon Rosanas