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Novelist Nickie

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Writer and creative director of 'No Strings'

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Enchanted Comics

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BiPOC comic creator who self publish original comics. Works on multiple projects from digital art to watercolor paintings. Have experience with selling at booths

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Cheapjack Gentlemen

Graphic Novel - Horror

Set in a rural village during the mid-victorian era, a crafty quack doctor and a somber undertaker become mismatched partners in crime, selling cadavers to a medical school ⁠— however, certain decisions and personal differences create issues in their business.

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Miss Fester

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Bwillett Comics

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Bwillett Comics, unique stories featuring weirdly endearing characters and tropes that lull you into a false sense of security

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Those Who Sleep

Manga - Horror

She's a college student. He's a powerful vampire. A bizarre twist of fate has brought these two friends together. Now the pair must begin to unravel the mysteries and secrets that all begin to reveal themselves with a gruesome discovery on her first day of college. Originally posted to Webtoon canvas, this page will update weekly until it catches up to the current releases! Please Note: this series changes from traditional format, to scroll after a...