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dedwards favorited Awesoman 1 month ago

Comic - Sci-Fi

Content with mediocrity in an increasingly automated society, Guy Everyman's life is forever transformed one day walking home from work. A hero, Awesoman is born, through forces beyond Guy's control, he is now a super powered being, and must adjust to this drastic change in his reality.

dedwards favorited Cult of Dracula 1 month ago
Cult of Dracula

Comic - Horror

Special Agent Malcom Bram arrives at the House of the Rising Sun. This secluded compound is the home of the secretive Ordo Dracul and the scene of a horrendous crime coined, "The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides." Mina Murray leads a documentary film crew to uncover the secrets of the mysterious cult by interviewing its enigmatic leader, Robert Renfield.

dedwards favorited Boy of Escremii 2 months ago
Boy of Escremii

Manga - Adventure

Following the tragic slaughtering of his entire family, young Boytashi Maru swears an oath to devote himself to the life of a knight, ensuring that peace is kept in the world. But first, Boy must be able to prove himself worthy by passing the squire selections exam. Throughout his journeys Boy will learn what it truly means to be a knight, as well as uncover the truth about his families death.

dedwards favorited Regnum Antiquum 2 months ago
Regnum Antiquum

WebComic - Fantasy

A celestial roams the mortal realm, falling in love with the people. Amadeus devotes his life to helping the world he loves. One day the skies open up as a curse rains down upon the realm, plaguing it’s people. Amadeus past catches up with him as he’s forced to face his destiny.

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Art Crumbs

Followers: 203

~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

dedwards started following Markosia Enterprises 2 months ago
Markosia Enterprises

Followers: 52

Markosia was established in 2005 and has become one of the UK’s leading publishers of graphic novels. Based in London, we have gained a reputation for producing a diverse range of comic books and graphic novels that cover almost all genres.

dedwards started following MediBang Inc. 2 months ago
MediBang Inc.

Followers: 44

We translate, localize, and distribute Japanese manga and games for English-speaking audiences.

dedwards started following Animefanka 2 months ago

Followers: 41

Aro/Ace webcomic creator and occassional visual novel dev from Poland just slowly telling stories of their way too many ocs

dedwards started following Nd Okon 2 months ago
Nd Okon

Followers: 13

What's up guys, I'm an emerging artist who loves shonen manga. Thanks for checking out my debut manga Rune Symbol. For more content and community, follow my instagram @ndokon1.

dedwards started following TPub 2 months ago

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UK comic book publisher - our mission is to get more people reading and making comics!

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AWA Studios

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Where the best creators do their best work, for you.

dedwards favorited The World of the Femonsters 2 months ago
The World of the Femonsters

Comic - Action

It is a forgotten time—a time where Monsters rule the darkness. While most creatures attend to their own sinister agendas, things are about to change. Learn more about the FEMONSTERS characters! This character guide introduces you to the monsters that star in the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book series!

dedwards favorited Lucy Chaplin Science Starlet 2 months ago
Lucy Chaplin Science Starlet

Comic - Action

Because YOU demanded it! The break-out bombshell of the long running underground comic HALLOWEEN MAN at last has her own solo series! Everyone's favorite brainy, BBW, badass is having pulp-inspired adventures of her own. Get on the excitement, glamour, and danger today!

dedwards started following Red 5 Comics 2 months ago
Red 5 Comics

Followers: 64

Red 5 Comics creates and produces cinematic-style comic book entertainment. It earned the 2007 Gem Award for Best New Publisher and its titles have been nominated for three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. It was founded by Paul Ens, former Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and writer for and ComingSoon.Net.

dedwards started following Kamourian King 2 months ago
Kamourian King

Followers: 119

I'm Kam, a metal-loving, super nerdy, bad-ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. Currently working on a dark fantasy comic called Regnum Antiquum, "Ancient Realm". I love meeting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Pronouns: She/They

dedwards favorited Gunwork 2 months ago

Comic - Action

The roaring 20’s, the age of Jazz, the prohibition era, the start of the cultural civil war. A hitman rises in the ranks of Capone’s gang and finally finds love. Only to be faced with staying within his moral code or staying among the ranks of Capone’s men. Find out more when you read Gunwork, a romantic crime graphic novel.

dedwards favorited Wulfsbane 2 months ago

Comic - Horror

Lawrence Mulligan is an outcast teenager whose lycanthropy is nothing compared to his personal troubles. Despite his wishes to stay out of trouble, he is forced to act when the things that go bump in the night slowly creep out of the shadows. What else is a kid supposed to do?

dedwards started following Antarctic Press 2 months ago
Antarctic Press

Followers: 67

dedwards favorited BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE 5 months ago

Comic - Adventure

A gentle, but deadly cryptid warrior must do battle with KUNG FU 'THULHU. Think Godzilla vs. Kong meets Kill Bill. by Dan Price and Casey T. Allen.