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Popular Last Week: Secret Life of Food

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 7, 2022

Ah food, can't live without it and so many ways to enjoy it! Cooking contests, a bakery so good it's criminal, and foodies everywhere! If you aren't full after a meal, we've got second helpings in the form of comics all about cooking and the joys of food on this Popular Last Week, featuring:

Gourmet Glutton, 4874 pages - Published by MediBang Inc., (cc/ @MediBang)

Mantaro Ohara was just an ordinary salaryman with slightly bigger appetite. For him, eating is something to be enjoyed and the idea of food and battle does not appeal to him. But his meeting in the Pork Cutlet store with a professional competitive eater, George Hunter, gradually changes his views toward gourmet competition...

Story and Art by Shigeru Tsuchiyama



Sweetz Secret, 46 pages - Published by GoldieShep, (cc/ @TortiTab)

'Sweetz' is a lovely little cafe run by a man who goes by the name of Yoongi, a guy as sweet as the cakes he makes. One evening, Yoongi meets Ray and unintentionally rescues the dashingly handsome fellow. Unkown to Yoongi, he just rescued the youngest son of a 'ruthless' mob boss, and they are forever in his debt. This is a BL.

Story and Art by GoldieShep



Preheat, 75 pages - Published by Bilvy Jay Lee, (cc/ @bilvyy)

A young and ambitious baker loses her cafe in a disastrous fire, but sees none of the insurance payout. In a desperate attempt to get her life back on track, she turns to smuggling illegal goods through her cake deliveries for fast, but dangerous cash.

Story and Art by Bilvy Jay Lee



Way of the Kitchen King, 26 pages - Published by FriedRice Comics, (cc/ @Grimly)

In a world obsessed with food culture, a tournament is held each year to determine the ‘Kitchen King’: the chef who stands above all else. Former undefeated Kitchen King, Bash Cola, is thrown back into the ring when he’s faced with the threat of his former rival’s corruption, and the corruption of his rival’s new protege. With a chance encounter and a spark of fate, can Bash find it in himself to once again embrace the ‘Joy of Cooking’?

Story and Art by FriedRice Comics



You Can't Just Eat Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets, 16 pages - Published by Christyle Inc., (cc/ @Christyleinc)

The parental guide to begging your child to eat ANYTHING else other than their favorite foods every day. This book notes a journey a young father takes to ensure that his daughter eventually learns to haggle at dinner. If you'd like the physical release, search for it or my author name, on Amazon,, or

Story and Art by Christyle Inc.



Meow Are You?, 133 pages - Published by Obelis, (cc/ @Obelis)

I'm too shy to make snarky comments out loud so I draw them instead.

Story and Art by Obelis