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What's Trending: Sci-Fi

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 10, 2022

Dysfunctional androids, horror after hypersleep, mecha pilots, escape from radiation, and a girl who didn't know she's an alien?! There's so much to sci-fi underneath all the shiny technology, and we've uncovered some must-read titles on today's What's Trending, featuring:

Hyper/Aware, 26 pages - Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

After three astronauts are stranded in deep space, they learn that only two of them will be able to enter hypersleep for the long return home. One of the crew members makes the difficult decision to remain awake and live the rest of his life alone with only the spacecraft's onboard A.I. for company. But when the other two astronauts wake up, they discover something horrible has happened while they were unconscious!

Story and Art by Source Point Press



Facing the Sun, 46 pages - Published by Art by Tesslyn, (cc/ @ArtbyTesslyn)

Fear. Grief. Trauma. Guilt. Love, all seen through the eyes of a dysfunctional android prototype well past her estimated lifespan. Updates every other Tuesday!

Story and Art by Art by Tesslyn



Taiduo, 669 pages - Published by Linwelly Illustration, (cc/ @Linwelly)

500 years into the future, the world has changed. Radiation and extreme weather conditions make life on the surface impossible and all that remains from humanity is gathered in artificial habitats, the life-support-domes. Life inside the domes is highly organized and restricted. What are the chances for one whose fate seems all decided?

Story and Art by Linwelly Illustration



Celestial Chronicle Shion, 331 pages - Published by Cave Comics and Art, (cc/ @Cavechan)

Shion is the captain of a space battleship and has a rare ability to control it with her mind, giving humans a small advantage against the draconic aliens who are trying to invade Earth. Her brother, Senri, works as the navigator and becomes suspicious as he finds evidence of a traitor, but the reality is far more fearsome than anything they could have imagined.

Story and Art by Cave Comics and Art



Aeria, 3128 pages - Published by Drawingale's Comics, (cc/ @Drawingale)

Mira Harthan is your average high school senior, but when a beautiful alien race called Iylven (ill-vin) make contact with Earth, she learns that she's not human, and that she's royalty, and oh also she's the reincarnation of the goddess, and oh yeah there's this ancient evil that she needs to defeat with powers she doesn't know how to control yet. Easy peasy, right? Updates on the 15th and last day of the month @11am EST

Story and Art by Drawingale's Comics



Shattered Heaven, 1190 pages - Published by StudioAzuren, (cc/ @StudioAzuren)

Adam Novus achieved his dream of becoming a mech pilot. In doing so he now finds himself on Mars, thrust into a war hidden from the people of Earth. Can he prevent his desire for revenge from consuming him or has his life been forever shattered?

Story and Art by StudioAzuren