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Colin's Adventure

Graphic Novel - Adventure

Colin and Jake land on Crento and get caught up in an adventure that introduces them to new people and scenarios

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Yellow Lion

WebComic - Adventure

When a judgmental noble boy is seemingly randomly made the emperor of a land he's never even been to, he already suspects things will not be as they seem. But between the potential power struggle with the former crown prince, a quest to retrieve a magical bottle of rum, and not to mention the culture shock, his fake smile can only get him so far.

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Colin’s Adventures

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

bsinclair replied in Help & Support 3 weeks ago

re: Releases vs. Chapters/Issues, and other ?s

Yes, it does! Thank you so much. ^_^

bsinclair started a discussion in Help & Support 2 months ago
Releases vs. Chapters/Issues, and other ?s
GC Newbie, here - I checked the other Support threads and I'm still confused...

I have two finished issues/chapters of my comic. I put those up as releases. Chapter 3 is finished, but currently updating on its present schedule on my website and other platforms. I know you can schedule releases, but can you schedule...