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bsinclair posted Sep 12, 2022

Releases vs. Chapters/Issues, and other ?s

GC Newbie, here - I checked the other Support threads and I'm still confused...

I have two finished issues/chapters of my comic. I put those up as releases. Chapter 3 is finished, but currently updating on its present schedule on my website and other platforms. I know you can schedule releases, but can you schedule individual pages/updates within a release? Or did you intend for each "Release" to mean "page" or "update"?

I guess I'm mostly confused on how things are intended to be organized. If "Release" means "Issue" or "Page".

I already make mobile-friendly versions of each page for my website, so I put those up as separate releases - Page version vs. Mobile version. Was this a bad idea? Is your website responsive? If so, where do I upload the mobile version?

I also have a full-color version of Issue 3 that's only available to my patrons/via and Ko-fi. Is there a way to make a Paywall Only version here of that, as well? I can't seem to find a way to make a paid-only comic. (Although I did see that you're considering exclusive content soon, so that's good - I look forward to adding the paid content if that's the case!)

And what is the Add Text function for? Is it to make the comic more accessible for screenreaders and translator apps? I already have my text rendered in my image - Where do I put in Alt text or descriptions for accessibility?

I know it's a lot, thanks for taking the time to read all this/give some answers!

ArtCrumbs admin supporter posted Oct 29, 2022

I'm sorry for missing your message! Here's an answer:
A release is essentially an episode. They can be any length you want. Some creators choose to upload a few pages at a time and merge when a chapter is complete in their book. Feel free to do whatever schedule you like. We have a merge release feature as well, and you are able to merge smaller releases into a larger one when you are ready if you like. You can find that in the series management page where you can see all if your releases.

Here is a video that walks you through step by step to create a comic and upload releases.

I hope that helps!

bsinclair posted Oct 30, 2022

Yes, it does! Thank you so much. ^_^