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Popular Last Week: Adventure

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 14, 2022

Adventure's out there! Deep forests with training grounds, mysterious dungeons, apocalyptic wastelands, jungles and more! There is so much to explore, and you don't even need a bus fare or passport this time. Just watch your step, you never know what's around the corner of this Popular Last Week, featuring.

Boy of Escremii, 156 pages - Published by Escremii Verse, (cc/ @Michaelmacc)

Following the tragic slaughtering of his entire family, young Boytashi Maru swears an oath to devote himself to the life of a knight, ensuring that peace is kept in the world. But first, Boy must be able to prove himself worthy by passing the squire selections exam. Throughout his journeys Boy will learn what it truly means to be a knight, as well as uncover the truth about his families death.

Story and Art by Escremii Verse



Necroblivion™, 350 pages - Published by Haunted Pixel Studio, (cc/ @cantrell)

When a young woman named Umbra (who has the soul of a thief trapped in her hair) accepts a contract and unknowingly releases a tyrant from his prison, she and her unwitting companion are thrust into the middle of a war for the very survival of the realm.

Story and Art by Haunted Pixel Studio



The Crinoline Crime Club, 36 pages - Published by Space Captain Steve, (cc/ @SpaceCaptSteve)

Set in a neo-Victorian era city much like Paris. The Crinoline Crime Club is a comic that features full skirts, curly mustaches, and rooftop chases. Some things were just meant to be stolen and the infamous Renard Rouge is probably the one to steal them. At some point, Inspector Rodger Roget will hunt down his criminal quarry and bring them to justice. Roget has been after the wily thief for many years though this is probably not going to be the time he finally catches them.

Story and Art by Steve Stamatiadis



Twig and Skunk, 21 pages - Published by Hammi, (cc/ @hammi)

A lost girl and a wanted criminal learn to get along during their journey to start a new life

Story and Art by Hammi



BaDoom, 133 pages - Published by SirK!, (cc/ @sirk)

A woman (Gasolina) and her dog (Krunk) travel through an ecologically hazardous post apocalyptic America.

Story and Art by SirK!



Angela Della Morte, 271 pages - Published by Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Angela Della Morte works for Dr. Sibelius, the most brilliant mind of the century. Using a new technology, Sibelius Labs are capable of separate soul from body. Using this tech Angela’s soul can get into other dead host and take control of their bodies in undercover missions. But as the souls travels the void to get into their new receptacles, they must elude a tenebrous lifeform...

Story and Art by Salvador Sanz