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Announcing the Talent Marketplace

Kevin Headquarters • Oct 28, 2021

A core part of our vision for digital comics is to make the creation, publishing and promotion processes simple and easier than ever for creators of all sizes -- from individuals, to teams and studios. Part of that is our streamlined publishing and education about how to market and grow your comics business. Another component is about building the perfect team to take your comic from an idea to reality.

That's why we're excited to formally unveil the Talent Marketplace -- a resource for all types of creators. In its simplest definition, you can think of the Talent Marketplace as a place to advertise that you're looking for work, or that you're building out a team for a project. But the Talent Marketplace is so much more.

“At GlobalComix, we are committed to helping comic creatives be successful whether finding work and income or finding a team to collaborate with on their next big thing,” said Christopher Carter, GlobalComix CEO and Founder. “The Talent Marketplace is an extension to that mission, which is why we’ve created a much needed resource for comic creatives to connect with each other. We are excited about the up-tick in crowdfunding and creator owned work, driving innovation, and success in the comic industry, and we are here to support by offering the resources they may need along the way.” 

Now let’s dig in and actually talk about how you can use the Talent Marketplace to connect with likeminded creators to make awesome comics, art, or whatever creative project you’re seeking to bring to life. If you’re feeling confident that you’re ready to get started, create your listing now.

Create New Listing

Creating a listing is a simple four step process based on the type of listing you’re creating. The setup process is identical, with a couple minor changes in the information you’ll enter based on whether you’re looking to find a project or build a team. To get started, visit the Talent Marketplace and select “Create New Listing.”

You will be presented with a choice from a dropdown list. Choose “for hire” if you want to let fellow creators know you’re looking for work. Choose “seeking people” if you’re looking to build a team for a project. Then simply choose your primary speaking language, and select Create Listing.


Now that you’ve chosen the type of listing, you’ll find yourself on the first step of the process: the introduction. Think of this as the elevator pitch. You’ll want to include the title -- or “what you want to do” -- and a concise description of the services you’re offering, or the type of team you’re looking to build.

The reason you want to be brief is this will be what a prospective employer or employee will see when they’re browsing the listings on the talent marketplace.


Once you have your introduction out of the way, you’ll be at the step where you choose the high level production details for the listing. There will be a few dropdowns to select -- all of which are multiple choice -- and an expected page count if that is known. If not, no biggie -- you can describe the scope of work in more detail later.

Here are some examples of what you’ll see in the dropdowns:

  • Results / Outcomes - This is where you choose whether you’re looking to make a single comic, multiple issues in a series, develop unique characters, and more.
  • Audience - Kids, Teens and Adults are your options here. Pretty straightforward. If you’re creating a personal listing, this is where you can state what audiences you’re interested in creating content for.
  • Theme - Here you’ll select the theme(s) you plan to include in your comic, like space, monsters, cyberpunk, aliens, etc. There are a lot of options here, so feel free to include any relevant to your project or skill set.
  • Art Style - The final dropdown focuses on the art style of the project, for example Abstract, Manga / Manwha, or, Western Comics

One more thing about the Production part of setup. There’s a “Mature Content” checkbox. If your project includes mature content, tick that box so that visitors to your listing know before they apply. Likewise, if you want your listing to state that you are willing to work on mature content, make sure you tick that box.

Skills & Rewards / Roles & Rewards

We’re halfway through the process, the finish line is in sight! For those looking for work, you’ll see the Skills & Rewards section. This is where you can list the skills/functions you’re offering up to anyone looking for people, as well as the language you’re comfortable performing that role in. You can also set the reward type you’re seeking in exchange for your services.

If you’re creating a listing to build your perfect team, this is where you list the open roles. You’ll set the language that role will be working in on the project, as well as the compensation type and range.


This is it -- the last part of the setup process! Now you’ll have an opportunity to go into the deeper details about yourself or your project. Include your past experiences, links to your portfolio and other places you might upload your work, and any other details you would like a prospective employer/employee to know about you.

You can also upload image examples of your past work and get wild with the formatting. This is a WYSIWYG editor, so you can bold text, insert images, embed videos and more. Think of this as your canvas that visitors will see when they view your listing. Make something awesome that encourages them to click that “Hire” or “Apply” button.

Once you're happy with the description, either hit Save Changes or Save and Preview and you're ready to publish your listing! But that's not all...

The Dashboard

Creating your listing is simple, but it’s just the beginning of your journey through the Talent Marketplace. Let’s talk about the dashboard for a moment, it’s your one-stop shop for managing the listing, tracking its performance and responding to any requests or applications.


You’ll have access to advanced analytics to track Views, Visits, Visitors and Applications across the past 30 days. When you’re sharing your listing externally, you can use UTM Campaigns to see acquisition sources.

Not sure what UTM Campaigns are? No problem! @EricTapper made a pretty handy video on setting up UTM Parameters, which you can view below.

Requests / Applications

If you’ve created a profile looking for work, you can manage all of the incoming requests here. You can accept, decline, start a conversation and even request legal consultation with a single button press. For team builders, everything is the same except that you’ll be looking at applications to your listing for specific roles.

When it comes to conversations, those are private between you and the prospective employer/employee -- no one else will have access to them. You’ll also be able to view the conversation history, in case you want to double check an offer before responding.

Legal Consultation

From your listing management, you have the ability to request a free legal consultation from Creative Contract Consulting (C3). C3 serves the creative community including major corporations like Amazon and Marvel as well as freelance comic creators, independent publishers, and the comic book industry.

Here’s a sample of what C3 can do for you:

  • Drafting of comic book related contracts (collaboration, work-for-hire, licensing, etc.)
  • Review and analysis of publishing contracts (creator-owned, crowdfunding, distribution, etc.)
  • Business development for your long term publishing plans
  • ... and much more.

You can access legal consultations through your listing management by selecting “Legal” and within conversations. Note that consultations are only available for published listings.

Setup Revisited

If you want to make changes to the listing, you can go back to the setup any time you want. Simply use the setup listing on the left to switch between stages of setup and make any desired changes. Once you’re happy with the changes, navigate to the Description section and select Save Changes.

Finally, you’ll notice a couple buttons on your dashboard that will allow you to perform a few actions. Here’s what each button is, and what it does:

  • View Public Listing - This allows you to view your listing just as anyone visiting the Talent Marketplace would.
  • Close Listing - Use this button when you’re ready to close the listing but maintain access to it. This will delist it from the Talent Marketplace but preserve the information on the dashboard. A great example of when to use this would be if you’ve been hired, or you’ve filled all the roles on your team. Note that this cannot be undone.
  • Delete Listing - This deletes everything on the listing. Permanently. Only use this button if you don’t want to access the listing ever again. Note that this cannot be undone.

Now that you have an overview of how the Talent Marketplace works, what are you waiting for? Hop over and create your listing today. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the new connections that are made through the Talent Marketplace.

Here’s to the next chapter in the evolution of comics.

- The GlobalComix Team