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The Comic Creator Talent Marketplace

Find people to help create your comic books/projects or find work helping other comic creators and teams using the GlobalComix Talent Marketplace.


Find the perfect job or project using our rich filters and discovery tools.


Easily apply to projects and discuss details with the listing owner.


Start working when you've agreed on terms and your request is accepted.

For all types of creators & roles

From artists and illustrators to typesetters and translators, the talent marketplace supports your role and ability to find work.

Comic Books & Series

The talent marketplace is an ideal service to find work/talent for your next big project. Project listings can have one or many roles, each with unique and specific sets of rewards/compensation.

Custom Art, Assets, & Scripts

For those who are looking for only specific assets like marketing materials, custom art, assets, character designs, or scripts, our rich filtering lets you specify exactly what you need or want to make.

Contracts and Legal Compliance

We have partnered with Creative Contract Consulting to offer a free legal consultation for all your contract needs. Whether for comission, revenue share, or ownership, you can trust C3 to handle your needs exceptionally.

Translation & Localization

While creating comics is hard, getting your work translated can be even harder. The talent marketplace makes it easy to source translations fast, easy, and at transparent pricing structures.

Easily Manage Applications & Hiring Requests

We have created a streamlined interface for you to manage all your applications and requests in one place, giving you all the details about your suitors from portfolio links to experience and skill history.

Get Help Writing Contracts

After discussing terms and general outlines with your suitors, we provide you a simple one-click tool to get free legal consultations for your work-for-hire contracts.

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