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Interested in learning about digital marketing?

Christopher Headquarters • Jun 1, 2020

If you’re looking for help and support on how to grow your digital comic fanbase, please join us in our new Facebook group for digital marketing. This will be a way for us all to connect with folks in the community, on and off GlobalComix, about engaging more deeply with the tools of digital.

The group has already touched on a handful of key concepts, such as identifying your ideal reader, written by our very own Gamal Hennessy. We’d love for the group to continue growing as a place for people to share experiences with one another as well, so please bring any wisdom you’ve earned!

We’re currently building towards a free digital marketing webinar on Thursday, June 25 led by Gamal, more details to come. He will guide you through everything from the basic building blocks up to application in your own plan for the summer and beyond.

We hope you’ll join us there if this is an area in which you’re looking to grow!

GGY 2 years ago

Nice! :D