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Clays Comics!

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Hey, this is Rob/Clay! I'm making 3 WIP comic books including heroes, supernatural detectives, and dudes turned pony bros! I have 2 short comics that people can read/buy from me!

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Mythoverse Comics

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The Mythoverse is a creator owned independent shared comic universe founded by Dan Sacharow, Brett McGowan, and Matt Trinh. Heavily steeped in western folklore, mythology, and tradition, the three initial launch titles, Adobe Kroger: Dame Commander, Changeling: an Urban Fairytale, and Mythics, re-imagine timeless tales and creatures in a contemporary urban fantasy setting.

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House of Cisper comics

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Comics created by Casper Panduro Brenneche.

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IronVerse Comics

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When Reality Belongs to Evil... Heroes are Inevitable. The comics Imprint Bringing you the BEST of the Weird Space West!

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Way of the Kitchen King

Manga - Action

In a world obsessed with food culture, a tournament is held each year to determine the ‘Kitchen King’: the chef who stands above all else. Former undefeated Kitchen King, Bash Cola, is thrown back into the ring when he’s faced with the threat of his former rival’s corruption, and the corruption of his rival’s new protege. With a chance encounter and a spark of fate, can Bash find it in himself to once again embrace the ‘Joy of Cooking’?

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Comic - Fantasy

Yana thought she had left her life as a Celestian warrior behind. As her friendship with the Knights of Nosheau grows stronger by the day, so does imposing the threat of the Oashum Empire. Called to face the consequences of her past, her present grows more complex. As for the future - will she follow her destiny, or forge a path of her own?

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Comic - Fantasy

Mike Brown and his friends get entangled in the mysteries surrounding a cursed street within their small town. - Each chapter usually has 2 parts - I try to update weekly, if not, then it's biweekly

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Comic - Adventure

A gentle, but deadly cryptid warrior must do battle with KUNG FU 'THULHU. Think Godzilla vs. Kong meets Kill Bill. by Dan Price and Casey T. Allen.

Rapphirica replied in Suggestions 1 month ago

re: Some profile suggestions with customization

I think the ability to post images in statuses would be pretty bomb so you can post teasers and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes or show off some art to keep followers engaged.

Not a profile suggestion but being able to set a thumbnail or cover art for individual releases within a series would be bomb too!

Rapphirica commented in the blog 1 month ago
Ooo time to save these to my library!!
Rapphirica commented in the blog 1 month ago
Awesome selection of comics here, great to see some familiar faces too!
Rapphirica replied in Fan Fiction 1 month ago

re: Web comics

You got your wish! A lot of us vertical scrolling folks have moved over to GC now from platforms that didn't really appreciate our work for what it is, so now there's no shortage of vertical scrolling fun!

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re: Any Travel/Vacation plans?

Oooo so I'm actually currently on holiday in Javea, Spain which is lovely! I have plans to go camping with some friends at a site fairly local to home (in the UK) next month then I'm going to be going to Wales for a bit with my family to visit extended family (which we pretty much do every year.)

I'm also in talks with a friend about going...

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Savory Fare

Comic - Action

Waking up with no memories about the previous years of her life - her only hint is a short memory pointing towards the Superior Omelette. She now seeks the omelette in order to piece together her memories and soon finds out that by completing the Superior Omelette and feeding it to a god, any wish can be granted. What is Juniper's connection to such a thing? Please see my IG for more content @applentangerine

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re: What are your 2022 goals?

I think my main goal would be to try and complete a comic dub of my first couple of episodes by the end of this year for Youtube! Only issue is I have no voice actors lol...

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Comic - Crime

No matter how much detective Passeri hates her old high school, she has to return there. A murder happened in the St. Caladria Academy for Talented Girls, and Passeri has to solve it whether she wants it or not. And maybe she will fight one or two of her inner demons along the way

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re: What part of comic/manga making do you want to learn about the most?

For me personally screentones and writing for short comics would be interesting as they aren't topics I've delved into much myself yet.

In terms of advice I feel the community as a whole still needs to know more about I think panelling for webtoons and lettering are pretty crucial.

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re: What Genre Grabs You More Than Anything?

I love me a good dystopia to be fair. I think my favourite comics are those that aren't strictly one genre or another but instead a hybrid of several genres. For me my favourite genres are the ones I write in: superhero, sci-fi, contemporary fantasy etc etc. I've always loved those genres.

If you're looking for popularity, romance is oversaturated...

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re: What does "ultimate success" mean to you?

Honestly, I'd be happy to have a small cult following that all enjoy my comic as much as I enjoy creating it.

Also to complete my comic, or at least the first season would be a huge success for me.

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re: When you have a character and you can't come up with a story for them.

It can be quite difficult to reverse-engineer a plot to serve a character as characters are usually meant to serve the plot but here's some ways you might be able to have a go at it:

1) Think about your character's personality and positive/negative qualities (if you have written those) and try to create a story which challenges some of their...

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Maru Kiru Destroy the Moon

Comic - Fantasy

An angry warrior woman wants to blow up the Moon, and battles the deadly cult who serves the evil god that lives there.

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Webcomic Creator | He/They

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Comic - Fantasy

Loosely based off a homebrew DND campaign, An unlikely group of adventurers find themselves as a part of a pirate crew. The four of them must learn how to get along and fight alongside each other against an array of enemies and creatures. This comic occasionally contains violence and mature themes.

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Tears of a Dragon

Comic - Fantasy

Stories following the hardships, adventures, and lives of an endangered race of dragon shapeshifters. How will they cope and survive in a world that has decided it doesn't want them?

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Comic - Crime

The year is 2017... 8 years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of Ethan's parents. When he meets a boy named Hunther they try to uncover the mystery surrounding the case.

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Carnouche Productions

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Christian is the writer/publisher of the comic book mini-series, THE RESURRECTED, and is currently working on an anthology of short comic book stories. He has also completed the first draft of his first novel. He is also a lover of philosophy and literature. Christian is from Sydney but has been working for several years in The Netherlands.

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degenerate weeb, tomboy fetishizer, indie comic artist

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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Cave Comics and Art

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Webcomic Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer. Creator of the comic Celestial Chronicle Shion and VTuber Starly Blu.

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Kamourian King

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I'm a metal loving, super nerdy, bad ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. Currently working on a dark fantasy comic called Regnum Antiquum, "Ancient Realm".  I love meeting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARRNED lol You may call me "Kamouri", "Kammy", or "Kam'. Pronouns: She/They

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re: I review SCI-FI COMICS on my blog!

Mine's a sci-fi, it's scrolling format if you don't mind that, here it is!