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What's Trending: Fresh LGBTQ+ Comics

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Jun 16, 2022

Welcome to all our new Creators this week! We've decided to feature LBGTQ+ comics never featured before for this week's What's Trending! A kidnapping, superheroes, Crime, mythology - all sorts of comics worthy of a Pride Month feature!

Be sure to read and share to support our creators today, featuring:

1. Coming To The Lavender
, 78 pages - Published by Laylabelle97, (cc/ @Laylabelle97)

Aaron had not planned on becoming a human sacrifice this summer, but that’s exactly what a group of cultists have in mind for him. Fortunately, he is saved by Myfawny, a beautiful, strong, confident woman. Who is also a giant bug. Myfawny and Aaron’s good times are just starting when an evil group known as The Philanthropists, (headed by their nigh immortal general) emerge to spoil everything.

Story and Art by Laylabelle97



2. Lovers in Crime, 58 pages - Published by CrashTako, (cc/ @ctako)

In an alternate 50s, two men work to gain wealth and status, whilst concealing their romantic relationship from the rest of the world.

Story and Art by CrashTako



3. Noiduttu, 295 pages - Published by The Omniverse of A.P. Delchi, (cc/ @fcg)

Based on Finnish mythology, Noiduttu ( Spellbound ) tells the tale of David Waters, an NYU grad student who has chosen a long since forgotten mythological story as his thesis. Little does he know that this choice has opened a door to a world of mythology that lives with us every day. Before he can blink he finds himself in the middle of an adventure of a lifetime.

Story and Art by A.P. Delchi and Anna Wieszczyk



4. Star Boy, 25 pages - Published by Pomspom Art, (cc/ @pomspom)

A coming of age story about a young man named Mickey Diamond. A young hero-in-training who wants to strive for the top for fame and validation! His whole life has been leading up to being part of MADL's top hero team! But what if there's more to 'justice' than being a world-saving superhero?

Story and Art by Pomspom Art



5. The Commune, 77 pages - Published by smokesalty, (cc/ @smokesalty)

407's cultish new family seems like a perfect escape from his old life. With gracious leader Anopheles to look after him, why would he ever want to leave?

Story and Art by smokesalty



6. The Last Session, 145 pages - Published by Mad Cave Studios, (cc/ @chrisfernandez)

Roll for initiative! Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen have played Dice & Deathtraps together since high school. Now, on the verge of graduating college and scattering, they've decided to finally complete their unfinished first campaign. But when Jay's partner Cassandra joins as a new player, Lana's afraid the party won't ever finish their quest...

Story and Art by Mad Cave Studios


pomspom 1 week ago

Ahhh, thank you so much for featuring my comic!! <33 happy pride ya'll!


ArtCrumbs admin 1 week ago

@pomspom you are very welcome! It was a good read : D


Rapphirica 1 week ago

Awesome selection of comics here, great to see some familiar faces too!