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Rapphirica 1 day ago:

New update out! A deceptively chilled out chapter... with a major twist. Read Episode Two: The Infirmary to find out more!!

7 pages (FREE)

Rapphirica 5 days ago:

Thank you so much for the front page features GC ❤️ Welcome to all these new readers too ✨

Rapphirica 1 week ago:

Think I'm going to take some time to compile all of Episode One: Arrival into one upload for a smoother reading experience (and to cut the webtoon oriented bits), I will do this with all of my uploads from now on as I feel as though here quality is valued over frequency of upload!


Christopher admin supporter 1 week ago

Oooh do eeeet!

Rapphirica 1 week ago:

Hey all! Thanks so much to those who have engaged with my content on this platform so far, it's really great to see and I'm loving reading all of the new comics available here too!

13 pages (FREE)

Kekreations 1 week ago

I love it so far! Beautiful work


Rapphirica 6 days ago

@Kekreations: Thank you so much <3

55 pages (FREE)

t3hfluff 1 week ago

I forgot how polished this intro was!!! Love the blackboard


Rapphirica 6 days ago

@t3hfluff: Ahhh thanks so much Fluff! Amazing to see you on GC too! <3