February Feature #4: Share the Love

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Feb 15, 2021

The SEASON of LOVE is here! What a wonderful time, whether you are cuddling up with your loved ones or celebrating with some self-care. Love isn't just family or dating either, Love is those who you chose to be family; your friends, your pets, and don't forget YOU deserve love too! If you are down in the dumps this holiday, reach out to your friends or someone close to you. Love can go wrong, as one of our comics shows us, but that doesn't mean you can't recover and be better than ever!

Love is awesome, don't forget to show some love to our creators! Try unlimited reading for FREE for a week with GlobalComix Gold.

1. Natalie and Mysterious Takumi, MediBang Inc. , (cc/ @MediBang)

A pure love comedy between a French Otaku Girl and a mysterious Ikemen! When she was still in France, Natalie went through a heartbreak that made her wanted to end her life. Surprisingly, the ray of hope that saved her from despair was that "Mysterious Man" from the country of anime and manga! Determined to live her life to the fullest, she went straight to Japan to become closer to her 2D love!

Story and Art by Yumika Tsuru

2. The Clockwork Girl, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @SeanArcana)

A nameless robot girl has recently been given the gift of life from her creator. While exploring the wonders of an ordinary world, she meets an amazing mutant boy. They share a friendship that must overcome their warring families...

Story and Art by Arcana Comics

3. Anne, Teksu, (cc/ @Teksu)

Anne is shy, stubborn and unsocial. She lives a quiet life at home, where she works as an illustrator. This kind of life gets complicated after a reunion with school friends where she has an unpleasant encounter with the boy who used to bully her.

Story and Art by Teksu

4. Foxy and Wolfy, Foxy and Wolfy Comics , (cc/ @kwindsor)

Foxy and Wolfy is a fun filled magical adventure about a Foxy young spirit guardian with muscular dystrophy, and her Wolfy partner Amaya Bellerose. Spirit guardians are humans who fight the genocidal and blood thirsty demons consumed by hatred. Through the use of spirit keys, both travel between the human and demon worlds to protect their world from nefarious demons seeking chaos.

Story and Art by Foxy and Wolfy Comics

5. Laos Chronicles, Lomcia, (cc/ @lomcia)

Two Elvish kingdoms were to be united by an arranged marriage. However, one of the kingdoms was attacked by monsters (Mepleye). Only one elven survives from the royal family and was saved by a white dragon - Princess Separhin De'la Husky. She is taking refuge from her future husband in Wintergarden. Love might not go right, but that doesn't mean it's over!

Story and Art by Lomcia

There we have it folks! Love takes many shapes and forms, don't forget to tell that special someone you love them! Partners, friends, pets, family, everyone deserves love.

You know who else deserves love? OUR CREATORS of course! Please let them know you love their work by reading, sharing or commenting on their work. If you want the Full list for February, you can find it here!

Thank you for your attention today! Now go love someone and see you later this week!

- Team GlobalComix

Quoth143 supporter 1 week ago

Woah! I think I remember seeing the Clockwork Girl being sold at Borders once! Cool! I get a chance to read it!