Announcing GlobalComix Gold and SuperFan - new ways to monetize your comics

Christopher Headquarters • Nov 18, 2020

This season has been full of announcements for GlobalComix, and all of them have had one central theme - supporting the creators and publishers of comics, graphic novels, and manga with as much digital firepower as we can. Diversity not only shines through in the stories and personalities of our creators, but also in the way that they run their business. We proudly announce a new combination to complete the suite of monetization models for every type of creator and publisher: Gold and The SuperFan Program.

GlobalComix Gold

GlobalComix Gold is our answer to the demand for subscriptions, marrying together full access for readers and the empowerment of creators by facilitating direct financial support for their work.

Unique to GlobalComix, the Gold subscription model is an initiative designed to directly benefit creators and owners of the stories, because each individual subscription’s revenue is only split among content owners the reader has actually consumed, rather than going into a large pot that then disproportionately benefits the top 10 the most.

For example, if a reader reads 100 pages total: 50 from Publisher A, 25 from Creator B, and 25 from Creator C, each owner respectively is allocated 50% (A), 25% (B), and 25% (C) of that reader’s subscription for that month.

Creators can now expand beyond the “pay as you go” model where a reader has to make explicit purchase decisions for their consumption, lowering the barrier to entry for readers to get started through creators and publishers’ own promotional efforts.

GlobalComix GOLD is available for $7.99 per month.

The SuperFan Program

The second monetization option we are introducing we’ve affectionately named the SuperFan Program. The SuperFan Program is a set of tools that extends beyond traditional paywalling of content, allowing creators to build much closer and engaged relationships with their dedicated fans through voluntary sized donations and rewards.

Creators/publishers receive 92-95% of each donation depending on their creator subscription tier (either free or paid), and have the tools to reward their supporters with “early access” (max 14 days) to their new releases. In the future we are considering adding a set of additional optional supporter reward perks such as sharing exclusive content with their Superfan supporters (work-in-progress content, sketches, character illustrations, and more).

The SuperFan Program Early Access can be used in combination with both free and traditional paywall models. Here’s how that works:

Free Comics
During the time period a new release is in early access mode, a reader is required to have donated to the creator/publisher within the past 30 days. After the early access window ends, the release opens up and is free to read for everyone.

Paywalled Comics
During the time period a new release is in early access mode, a reader is only required to have donated to the creator/publisher within the past 30 days to read the release. After the early access window ends, the release reverts back to a regular paywall model and all readers are required to have a Gold subscription or page credits to read it.

So what’s next on the horizon?
We also acknowledge the vitality of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for the creative community, and will be rounding out our suite of creator monetization support by launching a set of tools that help both creators promote their crowdfunding campaigns and readers discover amazing crowdfunded comics that they will want to back.

Hardcore comic fans understand the value of creators’ contributions to pop culture, and precisely how difficult it is to sustain your career as an independent, and our mission is to deepen the connection between fans and creators through GlobalComix. Whether you are producing content or reading it, we’re all here because we love the craft.

Have any questions, comments, or thoughts? Share them with us below and have a conversation with us :)

-Team GC

Nimloth moderator supporter 11 months ago

With a GOLD subscription, you also get a golden frame around your avatar site-wide :) @AppletiniOnFleek


Cavechan 11 months ago

This is so cool!