Announcing the new GlobalComix Reader v2

Christopher Headquarters • Oct 21, 2020

The reason we read comics is that they satisfy us with their stories, and sometimes with their physical or tactile experiences. Sometimes those things get intermingled, and we have a hard time deciphering one from the other.

With hundreds of thousands of readers having come through our platform over the past year, we’ve been watching and listening to both feedback and reading behavior in general. As a result, today we are very excited to announce that we’re launching the new GlobalComix Reader v2: what we believe to be the simplest and best reading experience in digital comics.

Interactive Reading Improvements

We have carefully improved the reading and transition animations of the interactive reader, reduced time it takes to load new images, and resolved all the challenges with changing device orientation to read wider pages or panels. For traditional page layouts, the interactive reader is the best mobile reading experience that you as a creator can provide to your fans. Additionally, we are working through new upgrades to the interactive editor tools that will make copying, pasting, cloning, or creating irregular shapes much, much easier.

Non-Interactive Reading Experience Levels Up

For creators, publishers, and readers that want to maintain a more traditional reading experience where the singular focus is on a page as a whole piece, or simply don’t have time yet to set up interactive panel-to-panel reading, we’ve upgraded our Comics Reader with an experience much more like a ‘native application’. This includes natural drag and swipe gestures to seamlessly flip through the story, pinch-to-zoom and double-tap-to-zoom in on your favorite panels, and some animation here and there to add a little magic between pages.

We have also significantly improved image load time and transitions between separate releases.

Introducing Vertical Comics Reading Support

If you, like us, have been reading comics on the internet in the past few years, you've undoubtedly encountered the new format of "single panel vertical scroll" that has become popularized on webcomics and toons. With this update to the reading experience, we now fully support all kinds of vertical format reading comics, both with and without monetization paywalls turned on.

So if you are a creator, or have creator friends, with an inventory of vertical comics - now is the time to jump on board and publish them here on GlobalComix.

And finally...

We've made some improvements to how readers can engage with and discover new titles while in the reader. At the end of a title, readers are now prompted with a set of related stories based on our new similarity + recommendation engine. The best part is that as more readers read and make selections, and more titles are uploaded, the better the engine will become. We honestly can’t wait.


This is one of several updates we’re launching to make the experience we have more joyful and rewarding for all sides of our community. We’re continuously improving based on your feedback, because we know there’s always room to grow.

So please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, and critique with us!


Christopher & Team GC

Christopher admin 5 months ago

Tagging GC Team: @gamalhennessy @ericmtap @mcamden @Osso @AhkwardKat

Thanks so much @mcamden for the development work that made this possible!


MCLent 5 months ago (edited 5 months ago)

I see the future. This looks awesome!


Christopher admin 5 months ago

@MCLent 100% agreed! This update to the reader is only just the beginning - it'll let us do a lot more stuff we've been wanting to do for a long time, including things like integrating comments and reactions to reading :)


AhkwardKat moderator 5 months ago (edited 5 months ago)

This is definitely going to open the floor to more creators. Initially what attracted me to GlobalComix was the panel by panel integration, which I don't see anywhere else. Since such a huge portion of readers are mobile these days, including the scrolling/vertical format was definitely a wise choice! The interactive page turning feature is a nice touch as well, I feel a bit of a cosmetic thing. But for readers and creators wanting a classic experience, definitely brings home that feeling. The idea of making panel/frame/page layouts or shapes saveable, like a library would be fantastic! Definitely would save some time for people who do strips or koma based comics and manga where a lot of formats are repeated often. Keep up the great work!


Schjoay 5 months ago

This is great! Having spent a lot of time with each frame of all of my publications I greatly appreciate this care to detail


erios 5 months ago

Looks amazing! Great job and I hope that I get to create a cool story to be seen like this. Congrats to all the team at Global Comix who made this possible.