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Fresh Friday Features #3

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Nov 18, 2022

Be prepared and look around every corner of this Fresh Friday Feature by ArtCrumbs very carefully. This week,  ArtCrumbs has picked out four titles that they feel deserve more reads! In our line-up today, we've got one comic from each category to give you a varied list of must-reads for your weekend!

  • Comic - Panopticon City: The last city in a climate-destroyed world, rebellion and revenge seek out a traitor.
  • Graphic Novel - The Nightmare Witch: Young children with powers to make their thoughts become monsters!
  • Manga - Ollie Max: A Private Investigator seeks to find a missing pet, and solve his father's murder.
  • Webcomic - Naikana: A princess and a mysterious sword and her friends seek to restore her stolen kingdom.

Now that we've met our four fresh picks, let's dig into each of them! Today, ArtCrumbs will provide comments about the comic and why you should read it too!

1. Panopticon City, 21 pages - Published by Split7InchComix, (cc/ @Split7InchComix)

The City is one of the last safe havens in a world ravaged by climate catastrophes. Inez and Jean Baptiste embark on a rebellion that will change the future of the fragile system.

Story and Art by Split7InchComix featuring:

Art by Crystal Pandita
Written by Randall Avilez
Colors by Karla Aguilar
Letters by Buddy Beaudoin
Logo art by John Poh

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

This story pacts beautiful artwork and a tragic tale. Inez, or just Nez, seeks revenge for her sister. The story opens up with a woman grieving for her sister, and after a quick page, we are greeted with a horrific scene of destruction. Nez is on a warpath to get revenge for her sister. In a James-bond style one-man-army, Nez overcomes all obstacles to get what she wants.

What I found especially satisfying was that the traitor here knew Nez was coming after them. It just adds to the badass-ery of her character. There is literally nothing that Nez won't do and it's sort of tragic in a way. I really enjoyed this, as cold and cruel as it was. We don't always get to see a villain, or a group of them, shaking in their boots while the justice is on its way. Combine that with the stellar artwork and it's easily something I read in one sitting.

I'd love to see more of this comic. Fantastic work, team!



2. The Nightmare Witch, 45 pages - Published by Jules, (cc/ @Jules)

Five young patients struggle to find a future living day to day with a condition that causes them to create monsters from their fears.

Story and Art by Jules

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

What a fun and bizzare world! The idea of our nightmares coming to life is, well, scary. I can only imagine being a child and having to deal with that. This Graphic novel is colorful, and works in the traditional and vertical format beautifully. Some of the perspective is done so creatively and dynamically. I wish I could use perspective that well!

The story itself begins with Tangerine, a girl who can make monsters from her fears. As she enters this strange facility for children like her, we also meet Luna, her monster. a Massive monster with a crazy-long snake-like body. Luna seems to be friendly and afraid of a lot of things, but it seems most are afraid of her! After meeting some of Tangerine's classmates, we learn about her past.

I won't spoil it, but the action escalates from here, and it's a wonderful, colorful, dynamic, psychedelic read! I cannot wait for more!



3. Ollie Max, 81 pages - Published by Fitzfactor, (cc/ @fitzfactor)

The case of a kidnapped pet leads a risk-averse detective into the criminal underworld, chasing his father’s murderer and battling against an ancient cult!

Story and Art by Fitzfactor

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

Action packed from the very beginning, Ollie Max is a garlic-loving private investigator. The story starts out with a mysterious fight between a masked man and another unknown man that ends badly or both of them. We fast-forward to the future, where we meet Ollie, grabbing a garlic chili-dog.

Upon returning to his office, we meet Agatha, an old woman looking for her lost friend, Polly. The abrasive Ollie doesn't seem interested, and the stubborn old woman won't take no for an answer! Ollie agrees to help eventually, but he's not prepared for what he finds at her house! From there the action cranks up a few notches, and it's an exciting read!

Combine all this action with a gorgeous cover, clean artwork with dynamic perspective, it's a must-read! Fantastic job Fitzfactor!



4. Naikana, 46 pages - Published by pensandpillows, (cc/ @pensandpillows)

In the peaceful Kingdom of Naikana, a land where people have different gifts and abilities lives a princess named Naomana. At the age of seven, the nearby Kingdom of Antanto suddenly attacks, leaving Naomana’s mother, the Queen, no choice but to send Naomana to the modern-day world, to save the young princess's life. Eleven years later, Naomana is back in Naikana, and will go on the quest with her best friend Hasano and others to reclaim the Kingdom and her throne.

Story and Art by pensandpillows

Comments from @ArtCrumbs:

This vicious looking cover was SO enticing, I couldn't NOT click on it!

Right away we've got fighting, action, and panic. Naomana is pulled into a room by her mother as raiders invade her kindgom. A magical sword and amulet transports her away just in time. War and destruction separates a family and Naomana's grief is so painful to watch. I can't imagine going through that. But it's not over, a happy scene with a young half-fish, half-human child quickly turns to despair and we get a real sense that these invaders are going to do anything to get what they want.

Naomana and Hasano have grown up though, and soon enough, they are re-directed towards their past and what is rightfully theirs. Great world building, fun characters and abilities. I'm looking to see how this series continues to develop!



That's all for now, but we'll have another set of Fresh Friday reading recommendations next week. If you're looking for more recommendations, make sure to opt in for our weekly reading list email! You can find that in your User Profile Notification settings. You can also browse through our Featured Comics news section!

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