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What's Trending: Horrors of the Supernatural

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Oct 13, 2022

The unknown is terrifying enough, but what if that unknown is coming after you with the worst of intentions? Black magic, cults, a cursed factory, a malicious fighting ring, and more things beyond our understanding of reality lurk in the shadows of today's What's Trending. Are you ready?

The Catchpenny Blood Halloween Anthology 2020-2021, 120 pages - Published by Team Diamant Comics, (cc/ @AubDiamant)

The Halloween showcase anthology collection of horror stories and art galleries featuring a variety of artists and writers. Produced by Team Diamant. Originally released in 2020 and 2021.

Story and Art by Justin Paulbearer and Rissa Blakely



John Carpenter's Tales for a HalloweeNight, 1408 pages - Published by Storm King Comics, (cc/ @seanstormking)

From the mind of John Carpenter, the man who brought you the classic horror film Halloween, and the heart of writer, editor, producer Sandy King, comes an annual collection of twisted tales of terror, tricks, and treats. In each volume of the award-winning graphic novel series, Carpenter and King bring together the best storytellers from comics, novels, and film.

Story and Art by Cat Staggs, John Carpenter, Sandy King, Tim Bradstreet, Tom Mandrake



The Commune, 117 pages - Published by smokesalty, (cc/ @smokesalty)

407's cultish new family seems like a perfect escape from his old life. With gracious leader Anopheles to look after him, why would he ever want to leave?

Story and Art by smokesalty



Werewoofs, 162 pages - Published by New Paradigm Studios, (cc/ @newparadigmstudios)

In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. When a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, they have to learn to adapt to their new powers. This leads to an unlikely friendship with loner Mara, a werewolf whose father mysteriously vanished. As they team up to solve the disappearance, friendships are tested, secrets are revealed, and the Werewoofs’ have to prove themselves in an explosive showdown against a pack of werewolves and their vicious alpha.

Story and Art by Ed Dukeshire, Joelle Sellner, Steenz, Val K Wise



Cult of Dracula, 309 pages - Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

Special Agent Malcom Bram arrives at the House of the Rising Sun. This secluded compound is the home of the secretive Ordo Dracul and the scene of a horrendous crime coined, "The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides." Mina Murray leads a documentary film crew to uncover the secrets of the mysterious cult by interviewing its enigmatic leader, Robert Renfield.

Story and Art by Source Point Press



The Crimson Cage, 127 pages - Published by AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

Brace yourself for a No-Holds-Bard reimagining of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. New Orleans, 1984. Chuck Frenzy is the main event star of the local Louisiana pro wrestling territory, but yearns for something greater. A fateful encounter with a trio of terrifying beings in the Bayou gives Chuck a glimpse of championship glory beyond his wildest dreams…if he is willing to do something terrible.

Story and Art by AWA Studios