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Popular Last Week: Western

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Oct 3, 2022

Are you the fastest in the West? Gunslingers, bounty hunters, medicine makers, from all kinds of country folk with stories to tell on this Popular Last Week list, featuring:

Rosewind Pass, 42 pages - Published by puppetbomb, (cc/ @puppetbomb)

A slice-of-life Western about broken people trying to make the best with what they've got. After her life is ripped away from her, Lily moves back to her mother's and struggles to figure out where she fits. Fortunately (and sometimes, unfortunately) she'll always have people around to help her.

Story and Art by puppetbomb



B.A.D Stories, 15 pages - Published by B.A.D STORIES, (cc/ @keepoursanity)

A series of monthly short manga/comics that take a unique approach to the world around us.

Story and Art by B.A.D STORIES



Knight From The West, 25 pages - Published by comicbookhunter, (cc/ @sketchbookhunter)

Knight From The West follows Base Love, a half-arc outlaw in western attire with an emerald sword at his hip, as he enters a new fantasy city in hopes of making some money and clearing his name. Joining him is Axel The Goblin, his sleazy companion who can’t seem to understand what laws are. Together the two green companions search for honest work to make some gold, legally, for the first time. What seems like a simple pest clearing job turns into a life or death situation as they discover an owl-type creature lurking in the basement of an old woman's home. Base begins to hesitate.

Story and Art by comicbookhunter



Twig and Skunk, 21 pages - Published by Hammi, (cc/ @hammi)

A lost girl and a wanted criminal learn to get along during their journey to start a new life

Story and Art by Hammi



Chrome Sky, 48 pages - Published by Envision Comics UK, (cc/ @EnvisionComicsUK)

On a desolate planet of vast, metallic desert, an outlaw bounty hunter is attacked by a sudden sting of conscience after she and her gang wound and cripple a young boy during their latest robbery. Left for dead in the gun-metal dunes by her treacherous accomplices, the bounty hunter launches a quest of vengeance, justice and redemption. A mythic cyberpunk western fusing dynamic comic book storytelling and illustrated prose, Envision Comics presents... CHROME SKY.

Story and Art by Envision Comics UK



Chans and the Southern Wilds, 32 pages - Published by ImTheGuy Inc., (cc/ @ImTheGuySK3)

The Southern Wilds is an unforgiving environment. The heat will cook you, the animals are poisonous, and even the plant life is out to get you. Cassie is an unseasoned outlaw caught in the difficult position of either hunting down her former gang members to hang or being hanged herself. What follows is Cassie's journey through the Wilds, Whether choosing to do the right thing or playing for the bad guys to survive, it's often said trying to travel two paths at once gets you nowhere...

Story and Art by ImTheGuy Inc.