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AubDiamant favorited Seven and the Web of Truth 5 hours ago
Seven and the Web of Truth

Comic - Adventure

Struggling to find his place, Seven must unravel the mysterious events of the past and learn the truth about his identity. In a fantastical world of bugs, birds and beasts, who is friend and who is foe?

AubDiamant favorited The Fulcrum in the Void 3 weeks ago
The Fulcrum in the Void

Graphic Novel - Sci-Fi

Hiroaki Yeo is a Centurion - a pilot - on the run from the Dominion after his shocking desertion in the middle of combat. Aeliana is a woman from the Valley, a community unknown to the rest of the planet, who has begun to experience dreams telling her that she must embark on a sacred mission for the Mother Dragon. Their meeting seems fated, and will begin a long and illuminating journey. Its ultimate destination is a mystery. The Fulcrum in the...

AubDiamant favorited American Prince 3 weeks ago
American Prince

Comic - Drama

Boy Raleigh meets Ghoul Malachy and strike up a unique passionate relationship in this LGBTQA ‘Vamp-Opera’ set in an alternative 21st century Las Vegas. As the saying goes whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Riley: Bad Things For The Right Reasons

Graphic Novel - Sci-Fi

If you go far enough to do the right thing, is it still right? Mercenary work is hard to come by in this brave new universe. In order to stay in business Riley takes the ‘wet work’ contracts that Government inc. needs done. It’s not like the people they send lackeys after are good people anyway... Right? ||Sci-fi || LGBTQIA+ || Action ||

AubDiamant favorited Lavender 4 weeks ago

Comic - Romance

Introverted clean-freak Yul runs a small flower shop in the busy streets of Seoul, living out his passion for making beautiful bouquets, when one day a chaotic, but handsome stranger steps into his life and turns his quiet and monotonous world upside down. "Lavender" is about finding yourself and finding love in a world that makes it hard for its flowers to blossom.

AubDiamant favorited Northward 1 month ago

WebComic - Fantasy

Bei dreams of becoming an adventurer, just not like this!

AubDiamant favorited GoGoGiGi 1 month ago

WebComic - Horror

「THE SUN. THE SICKLE. THE ANGEL. The keys of All Time are desired by all, but have been found by no one. Allow them to find each other, and face the worst possible fate.」 //UPDATES MONTHLY// Wanna see previews and other exclusive content? Join our Patreon!

AubDiamant favorited The Return of Jake Sunrise 1 month ago
The Return of Jake Sunrise

Comic - Horror

"THE DEAD DRAW" The mining operation was abandoned long ago by the company. Locals say they dug too deep, spurred on by an insatiable greed, unleashing a curse on the unfortunate. Now, these cannibal mutant hillbillies, whose appetites know no bounds, scavenge any poor travelers who pass through. None get away. Yet with her is Jake Sunrise, renowned gunslinger and her only chance for survival. Will they escape with their lives, or become another meal on...

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BobbyjoeX (Crystal Avery)

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AubDiamant favorited Myriad Voyages 1 month ago
Myriad Voyages

Comic - Sci-Fi

The Voyager's Guild, an organization of mercenaries, has helped keep order within the Third Galaxy ever since it was left in ruins. Mara and Jade, two young and determined girls, aspire to join as members. While they reconnect throughout their shared adventures in Senia, the last habitable planet, one tries to make ends meet while the other tries to find her own path. As they venture through the stars, a conspiracy that has travelled across galaxies and...

AubDiamant favorited Lostworks 1 month ago

WebComic - Thriller

Nothing can be explained.

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Eric S.

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AubDiamant replied in General Discussion 5 months ago

re: How Invested Are You In GlobalComix?

Not financially invested yet, my hope is to get to a place where I can pay for subscriptions for comics I enjoy. I can’t read as much as I want to because if creating content but I have a bunch of favs. Right now Free is a big draw for me. In turn as a creator I provide free content for my current comic. I will eventually have future comics...

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Cave Comics and Art

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Webcomic Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer. Creator of the comic Celestial Chronicle Shion and VTuber Starly Blu.

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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Aro/Ace webcomic creator and occassional visual novel dev from Poland just slowly telling stories of their way too many ocs

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Multimedia Artist who specializes in Illustration, Graphic Design, Sound Producer, Lyricist, Custom Merchandise, And Animation.

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UK comic book publisher - our mission is to get more people reading and making comics!

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AWA Studios

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