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Angel Eyes

Comic - Gag-a-day

Every-day misadventures of Milly, an anxious Disney-loving young writer and Aurie, her Guardian Angel girlfriend still grappling with mortal life.

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Comic - Fantasy

Once you make a choice you have to face the consequences. The young angel Peri had to learn this the hard way... and now carries the burden. Being brought before god she is banished until she proves herself worthy - under the watchful eyes of none other than fallen angel Luciver himself. Will she be able to get over her lingering affection for the demon lord? Follow Peri in her journey through hell dealing with the vilest beings there are - human...

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Jealous Gods

Comic - Action

A tale of ancient gods and their battles with demigods and humans over the fate of the modern world. Randi, a defrocked priest, discovers his web-chat session puts him in the cross-hairs of the police and a mysterious, deadly stranger who claims to be an ancient god. In his quest to prove his innocence, he meets the stranger which leads to his first encounter with Vucub, a Mayan god. Saved from his certain death by one of the Febails, The encounter...

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Grim Reefer

Comic - Horror

Marty, a down on his luck, Native American 20-something, is coerced by his scumbag second cousin Grant to be his wheelman for a "simple robbery." When things get violently out of hand, Marty makes his escape. Grant has a bloody stand-off with the cops that ends with him being killed in a hail of gunfire. When a crop of marijuana is grown on the spot where he died, Grant's spirit becomes tied to this haunted hashish, and anyone who smokes it gets possessed...

The Heart of Touqar - THT - English version

WebComic - Fantasy

In a faraway land of scorching, hot, arid desert called "Al Qaiza" -The Sweltering Land, the Bani al-Badr tribe gain their prosperity and livelihood by trading their intricately designed dagger sheaths. However, they had bargained for more than they could handle when they realized the young heir of the tribe went missing after an unfortunate business deal. But that was just the beginning. The world they used to know will turn to disarray. THT is Prequel...

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A demon's origin

Comic - Fantasy

From the moment of their birth, Mephistopheles and Elisa had a duty to fulfil. But not everyone is meant to be a demon. While Mephistopheles is just too reckless and thoughtless for his own good, Elisa can´t bear the thought of hurting anyone. When faced with their own challenges, both learn what being a demon means to them. [Updates on the first and third friday of every month]

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A Stick A Stone

Comic - Drama

A Southern Gothic Tale of Belonging at the End of the World :: Haunted, Jo Turner's ghosts have kept her bound to her childhood home: a lone keeper of the dead in a dying world. Aras Emox cannot outrun his shades: his past echoes after him no matter how far he drifts from the battlefields and borders of his homeland. If the world hadn't ended, Jo and Aras would never have crossed paths. But in their search for belonging, they may have just found each...

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Comic - Horror

What if Buffy was a 72 year old Grandmother? Alma Bernard is in her garden when she is struck by the power of the champion and reborn. Coming to her aid is the Eternal Companion, born this life as a foul mouthed garden gnome. Alma is charged with fighting the demons and monsters that inhabit our world and to keep the world safe for such terrors. Aiding her in this fight beside Tyrone, her garden gnome companion will be the ghost of her dead...

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Soucouyant Lovetoy

WebComic - Drama

Single father Anton Joseph tries to get back to the dating world after losing his wife in a tragic accident. He later falls for a beautiful woman, unbeknownst to him this meeting would lead to tragic and mysterious events that would change his life forever.

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Omega Elixir

WebComic - Drama

[ BL / Omegaverse. Action/Drama/Romance. ] A dangerous new drug is spreading through the city while the underground fights over it’s production and expanding turf. Brandon, a student at an elite finishing school for Omegas, is key to the new drug while undergoing secret testing. After Brandon is rescued during an attack on his school how will he react to the Alphas he meets and who can he trust when everyone is not who they seem…including...

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Eric S.

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degenerate weeb, tomboy fetishizer, indie comic artist

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re: How Invested Are You In GlobalComix?

Not financially invested yet, my hope is to get to a place where I can pay for subscriptions for comics I enjoy. I can’t read as much as I want to because if creating content but I have a bunch of favs. Right now Free is a big draw for me. In turn as a creator I provide free content for my current comic. I will eventually have future comics...

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Cave Comics and Art

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Webcomic Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer. Creator of the comic Celestial Chronicle Shion and VTuber Starly Blu.

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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Aro/Ace webcomic creator and occassional visual novel dev from Poland just slowly telling stories of their way too many ocs

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Multimedia Artist who specializes in Illustration, Graphic Design, Sound Producer, Lyricist, Custom Merchandise, And Animation.

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UK comic book publisher - our mission is to get more people reading and making comics!

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Where the best creators do their best work, for you.

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Kamourian King

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I'm a metal loving, super nerdy, bad ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. Currently working on a dark fantasy comic called Regnum Antiquum, "Ancient Realm".  I love meeting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARRNED lol You may call me "Kamouri", "Kammy", or "Kam'. Pronouns: She/They