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Popular Last Week: Drama

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • May 9, 2022

From people with strange circles on their chests to birds in a band, drama abounds in our Popular Last Week comics, featuring:

1. 31 Ita/Eng, 86 pages - Published by Suol__IMM, (cc/ @SuolIMM)

Ragazzi ottengono dei cerchi 'magici'' nel petto, che significa tutto questo? / Some guys get mysterious circles in the chest, what are they? What does all this lead to?

Story and Art by Suol__IMM



2. Rechargeable, 244 pages - Published by Bilvy Jay Lee, (cc/ @bilvyy)

It's the year 2100 in New Portland, Australia. The Immortals are a reckless street gang trying to corner the market on illegal but highly advanced prosthetic technology known as CHIPs.

Story and Art by Bilvy Jay Lee



3. The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere, 101 pages - Published by Nicky Rodriguez, (cc/ @nrodriguez)

Lúcio and Sonia are two East Bay college graduates who, after struggling to control destructive powers they’ve suddenly gained, decide to leave their lives behind. After crossing paths in a sleepy diner, they embark on a winding road trip across the western United States with a friendship born out of uncertainty and hope for a new beginning, all the while trying to outrun their mortality.

Story and Art by Nicky Rodriguez



4. Melodic Remedy, 31 pages - Published by Melodic Remedy Comix, (cc/ @jsawhney)

Melodic Remedy is an anthology comic series that encompasses some of the concurrent issues that musical artists deal with. Each issue in the Melodic Remedy Comic Saga will depict a variety of different characters and story lines, while staying relevant to the main theme of music being used as a cure.

Story and Art by Melodic Remedy Comix



5. The Manor's Prize, 42 pages - Published by JimboComics, (cc/ @jcomics)

Six guests are invited to a manor to compete over an unknown prize in an elimination game. Each round one guest will be eliminated. The guests are known by aliases FOOL: A short-tempered man with flowery speech CHARIOT: A cold-hearted businesswoman HANGED MAN: An intellectual seductress HERMIT: A towering, quiet woman MAGICIAN: An intelligent old man STAR: Sharply dressed, sharper wit

Story and Art by JimboComics



6. Screensaver, 9 pages - Published by Allen Queen, (cc/ @AllenQueen)

A person plunges into the world of the Internet and technology, but begins to lose his identity.

Story and Art by Allen Queen