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Just read my stuff

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Lesser Evils

Comic - Teen

Welcome to Brooklyn Through the Looking Glass, where a golem with benefits, a spiraling genie, a demon who feeds on bad vibes, and a promising young mermaid collide with heartbroken, hard-living, hype-obsessed humans. Lesser Evils is a hilarious, pop culture-filled universe that explores what intimacy, spite, selflessness, and friendship mean today.

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Hola, I'm an Italian artist... that's all. All my links:

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We're a couple of depressed weebs that love creating and eating too much sushi.

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Comic - Fantasy

Seven young adults struggle to navigate their way through the great war that rages across numerous countries while trying to keep their hopes for the future alive. Joining them on their journey is an ex-pirate turned nobleman, a greedy rat, a mischievous elemental, and an exuberant wingless dragon.

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Heavy Metal

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Worlds Greatest Illustrated Magazine #HeavyMetalMagazine 1977 - ∞

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Pocket Jacks Comics

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Writer / Creator Preston Poulter publishes comics under the label Pocket Jacks Comics®.

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City of Vagrants

Comic - Action

In the City of Vagrants, where the citizens of the colonies live in constant fear of Ugu: bloodthirsty creatures that invade the colonies, kidnap and eat people. Join Guardian Eco, a member of the Order, as she tries to uncover the truth behind the appearance of the so-called 'super-ugus', and Noblesse Emily, in her own quest to unravel the mystery and more behind the disappearance of her mentor..

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Palace of the Golden Princess

Comic - Action

A new, sexy fantasy series set in a world of sword and sorcery. Queen Arika, a succubus worshiping tyrant, rules over the Queendom of Alluvia where men have been relegated to 2nd class citizens.

Guinevere and the Divinity Factory

Comic - Action

Follow Guinevere, an apprentice witch, as she must earn her place in the magical coven of The Great Wizard Gatsby.

Flesh Eating Cheerleaders from Outer Space

Comic - Horror

When a meteor crashes in the middle of campus, the students at Pullman University didn't realize that they were being invaded. These space creatures are able to inhabit and take over the human body. So, what happens when a group of cheerleaders are caught in the middle? They become these flesh-eating cannibals, of course.

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Graphic Novel - Action

Regina Ragowski is a salty Marine Vet who suddenly finds herself without pants during the initial zombie outbreak in California.

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Balsar Comics

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