What Marketing Activity Should You Avoid on Social Media?

gamalhennessy Community • Aug 24, 2020

There are a lot of things you can do on social media to market your comic (See How Should You Market Your Book on Social Media?). There are also a few things you should not do if you want to give your book the best chance to succeed. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Every year, dozens of companies and brands stumble on social media in ways that damage their image. While no one is perfect, these six concepts can add to the previous list of tips to help keep you out of trouble.

1.  Avoid Targeting the Non-Market: You have a specific story to tell to a specific group. Everyone outside that group isn’t ready for, or interested in, that message. While you need to reach out to ideal readers outside of comics, pushing your book on friends, family, and the general public will only lead to frustration and fatigue.

2.  Avoid Overselling: Remember that this is social media, not selling media. Think about your own time on social media and the way you feel when you see the same people pop up on your feed every day with a different version of “Buy My Stuff!!!” This isn’t the way to build connections. It is a longer process than constant selling, but it can lead to better results in the end.

3.  Avoid Errors: Your words are the main vehicle for connection in social media. Misspelling distracts from your message. Inaccurate statements damage your credibility. Certain platforms like Twitter have subverted traditional grammar and spelling rules, but you want your posts to be remembered for their content, not for their spelling mistakes. False stories, opinions presented as facts, and blatant falsehoods are common on social media, but building connections with your target market based on lies isn’t a winning strategy in the long run. The only fiction you need to promote is your story. Leave the fake news to others.

4.  Don’t Feed the Trolls: A troll is a person who antagonizes others online by deliberately posting irrelevant or offensive comments. Social media is a breeding ground for trolls and your marketing efforts will invariably attract them at some point. There will always be people who have a desperate need to attack you, or your book, or comics, or the comics industry, or people who read comics or anything you might post. There are several reasons people decide to troll, but their motivations don’t matter to your marketing. If your goal is to make connections with your ideal reader, spending time and energy on a troll is counter-productive. Let professional courtesy be your shield and sarcasm be your sword, but don’t get dragged into long engagements. The best alternative might simply be to block them and move on.

5.  Don’t Attack the Wrong People: It is generally not advisable to attack anyone on social media, since it goes against the principles of professional courtesy and prudent posting, but politics is war by other means, so the inherent political position of your art will inevitably criticize some institution, movement or standard. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, as long as your marketing and your story don’t cause unintended collateral damage or create accidental enemies. Don’t offend the wrong people, or your marketing efforts will be focused on damage control instead of building relationships.

6.  Don’t Buy Followers: Several services claim to be able to deliver large numbers of followers for a fee. In most cases, these are not real people, but bots or automated programs that mimic human activity on the internet . These bots can inflate your social media numbers, but they damage your marketing efforts for several reasons :

a.  Bots can get you banned from some platforms
b.  Bots dilute the accuracy of your tracking
c.  Bots waste your investment money
d.  Bots can’t buy comics. 

Social media takes effort, but it is a key component of your online marketing. It can connect you to your target market at a financial cost that can be close to free. When used in coordination with your website, it can foster the growth of true fans.

Have fun with your comic.

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