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Mad Cave Studios Brings Madness and Quality to GlobalComix

Kevin Partnerships • Jan 18, 2022

When we reflect on 2021, some of our fondest memories are about the new partnerships we’ve built with publishers and creators. Digital comics help break down so many barriers for both the creator and the reader. International shipping and regional distribution costs become a thing of the past, empowering creators to focus on what they do best: making amazing stories.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Mad Cave Studios is bringing their entire catalog to GlobalComix. You’ve already seen some of their titles – like Crime’s most popular of 2021, Nottingham, and sci-fi’s hit Midnight: Task Force – but now there are even more stories and chapters for you to fall in love with.

"Mad Cave is thrilled to be working with Global Comix. Bringing a variety of choices to readers has always been a major cornerstone for Mad Cave and Global Comix was the perfect partner to help us propel our beliefs across the industry, said Chris Fernandez, Publisher at Mad Cave Studios. "Thanks to the innovative Global Comix platform, Mad Cave can now help more readers discover digital comics like Battlecats and Nottingham in one easy-to-use destination."

A preview of what's to come in 2022.

“Driven by madness and committed to quality” is the first thing you’ll read when checking out their about page, and it’s obvious in every story they create. Whether it’s a 2055 Detroit detective that struggles with schizophrenia, or a twisted noir tale of a serial killer with a penchant for tax collectors, Mad Cave's focus on creative settings and high quality delivery shines through every page.

"When Mad Cave brought a sampling of their titles to GlobalComix in 2021, our community immediately fell in love with the unique stories and characters, and so did our team," said Christopher Carter, CEO of GlobalComix. "Our mission to bring comics to a global audience continues, and we’re thrilled that Mad Cave Studios shares in that vision."

You can read many of Mad Cave's first issues for free, and get unlimited reading access to all of their stories, plus thousands more, for only $7.99 per month with GlobalComix Gold. Visit Mad Cave's profile to get started, and don’t forget to follow them for new release notifications.


Christopher admin supporter 4 months ago

This is awesome! Welcome onboard!