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Arcana Comics Brings Library of Graphic Novels to GlobalComix

Kevin Partnerships • Oct 5, 2021


For nearly 20 years now, Arcana Comics has been well-established as a successful entertainment company. They’ve built one of the largest libraries of graphic novels in the world, featuring more than 5,000 characters transcending gender, age, and cultural and geographical boundaries.

Their vivid stories lend themselves to rereading and experiences via other media, and it shows in the recent announcement of their title Corrective Measures being adapted to film for the streaming service Tubi starring Bruce Willis. This is part of Arcana’s initiative to bring their stories to new audiences through Arcana Studio, an arm of the publisher that works in animation to develop and produce it’s content for all platforms like film, television and digital media.

These are just a few reasons we’re excited to announce that Arcana Comics has published more than 100 graphic novels from their collection of epic tales on GlobalComix. There is a veritable mountain of stories to read that fall within an equally wide range of genres. No matter the type of genres or themes you enjoy, you’re going to find something you love in Arcana’s library.

“Arcana is a unique and inspiring publisher in this space with their breadth and depth of catalog”, GlobalComix CEO Christopher Carter said. “They are a powerhouse of storytelling, going beyond just comics into animation, and are helping forge the pipeline of comics and derivative media. The result is that they are bringing their stories to a much broader audience, which is a very beautiful thing. We’re thrilled to partner with them and continue to help deliver their awesome stories to readers worldwide!”

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