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A Sense of Euphoria from Bliss on Tap

EricTapper Partnerships • Jun 9, 2021


In the comics world, you’re bound to find some gems. Diamonds in the rough. And sometimes you find euphoria. You find your bliss. That’s how we feel knowing Bliss on Tap is now on GlobalComix. We’re thrilled to partner with Brian Philipson and his team of extraordinarily talented creators to bring you the full Bliss on Tap catalog here on GlobalComix.

Brian shared: "Bliss on Tap comics cater to a carefully curated crowd of weary rock stars, old poets, graffiti artists, out-of-style influencers, soon-to-be zombies, stoners, loners, lost time-travelers, extraterrestrial outcasts and those discerning readers who don’t always find what they’re looking for in the mainstream.  We’re excited to work with GlobalComix and its awesome team to bring our unique voices and independent library of comics & graphic novels to its worldwide audience (which word on the street says is some of the best in the comic business)."

From Future Proof to Weed Magic, God The Dyslexic Dog to Train 8, you are bound to find a story in their catalog that suits your fancy. That is, if you enjoy comics that are excellently composed, a bit twisted, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

“One of my favorite things about being a part of GlobalComix is learning about the amazing indie stories from folks I might not have had on my radar, and Bliss on Tap is a great example of that,” said GlobalComix’s own Chris Carter. “I’m thrilled to have gotten to know Brian and his work and I’m looking forward to new folks sharing in the privilege of reading his work.”

You can read Bliss on Tap now, along with 5,000+ other comics for $1.99 for your first month! Find out more about our current discount promotion on unlimited reading at

About Bliss on Tap: With the idea of creating a new kind of comic for the 21st century, Bliss on Tap started in 2004 in Los Angeles when the father and son team, Phil Phillipson & Brian Phillipson, were joined by artist and Eisner Award Hall of Fame Nominee Alex Nino in creating the graphic novel series, God the Dyslexic Dog.  This hit title literally launched their independent comic book company and they have been churning out comic books ever since.  With over a dozen homegrown distinctive series now in print, BOT has also worked with a variety of movie studios to create comic adaptations of feature films such as Hardcore HenryUglydollsThe Happytime Murders and Valerian.  Bliss on Tap has also somehow found itself featured in such highbrow mainstream publications as High TimesThe New York TimesForbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.