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Outland Entertainment Brings Rich Storytelling to GlobalComix

Kevin Partnerships • Oct 25, 2021


Outland Entertainment is a well-known name within the entertainment industry. While they started out as a creative services firm in 2008, it didn’t take them long to realize that there was another calling for the Kansas City, MO publisher -- the creation of their own worlds through rich storytelling.

Since 2014, Outland Entertainment has shared their worlds through books and games, and they expanded their catalogue in 2017 by acquiring Ragnarok Publications. With a veritable treasure trove of creativity in tow, Outland Entertainment now publish their work as comics, graphic novels, games and fiction.

"Outland Entertainment is always looking for new and interesting ways to present our material to readers, as well as new partnerships with like-minded creators. GlobalComix brings a lot of exciting possibilities, expertise, and innovation to the table for making digital comics and graphic novels available to the world. Working together is a no-brainer," said Jeremy D. Mohler, Founder and Creative Director at Outland Entertainment.

It’s that shared passion for creativity and bringing comics to the global stage that has us incredibly excited to welcome Outland Entertainment to GlobalComix. You can now access more than a dozen unique series across a variety of genres. Subscribe to GlobalComix Gold to access all of the comics from Outland Entertainment, and thousands of others for only $7.99 per month.

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