February Feature #6: Medicine for the Mondays

Kevin Featured Comics • Feb 22, 2021

It might be the start of the work week, but don't let that get you down. We've got five great comics that will help you laugh your way to the weekend. From ragtag superheroes to arcade battles that decide what's for dinner, there's something that's sure to put a smile on your face!

1. Abnormal Alliance, David Aragón, (cc/ @DavidAragon95)

Strange times call for strange heroes

Story and Art by David Aragón

2. Offtask, Alin Laphel, (cc/ @alaphel)

Two friends are determined to make a graphic novel and fulfill a dream they had back in high school. Despite being determined, they often find themselves off task and doing an assortment of other things. Will they ever finish their story or is it just a far off dream to move on from?


Story and Art by Alin Laphel

3. World of Fighters, TheJammy98, (cc/ @TheJammy98)

Over 80 million players fight for their dreams in the fast-paced fighting game, World of fighters! Can Crazy Hair Man, an un-ranked player from out of nowhere, take on the veterans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting the game? This is a collection of stories featuring Crazy Hair Man in money matches, tournaments and even a virtual setting! What will happen in this crazy world of fighting

Story and Art by TheJammy98

4. Clownman, Wicked Comics, (cc/ @cfarias1983)

Story and Art by Wicked Comics

5. Tim Town, Caroline Foley, (cc/ @tuffwaffles)

Tim is a fox and nothing is going to get him down! No sir! Except maybe homelessness, gentrification, and... Christmas socks? Follow Tim on his adventures to the moon (questionable), the sewer (obviously) and the 99 cent store (YES!).

Story and Art by Caroline Foley


cfarias1983 3 days ago

thanks for the share kevin


Kevin admin 2 days ago (edited 2 days ago)

@cfarias1983 You're welcome! Thanks for all your hard work on your comics. It's easy to see how much passion has gone into them. I really enjoyed your "Making Comics the Wicked Way" videos.